Slum Areas of Top 10 Cities of India

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Slum Areas of Top 10 Cities of India

In these clean and green cities of India, due to the growing population, the number of slum dwellers in Indian cities is increasing. Life in Slams area lacks some basic requirements of clean water, electricity and sanitation. Most of the residents here are rickshaw pullers, sex workers, seasonal small sellers, house maiders whose family income ranges from Rs 1500 to Rs 3,000. After working days of hard earned and low earnings, most men spend their daily earnings on illegal alcohol in the house. The position of women in the slum is not respectable, they used prostitution to fulfill their basic needs to survive. The slum population is constantly increasing: it has doubled in the last two decades. The present population living in slums in the country is more than the UK population.

List of top Indian cities living in slums:

1  - Dharavi Slum Mumbai

Dharavi used to be the largest slum in Mumbai at one time, but till now there are four slums in Mumbai compared to Dharavi. Dharavi is spread over 557 acres and is home to about three lakh people. It is a city within a city that contains narrow narrow streets, open sewers and tight huts.

As Dharavi is located between two main suburban railway lines of Mumbai, most people find it convenient to be here for work. This provides a cheaper alternative because the rent is low. Slam is also known for exporting goods across the world.



2 - Bhalswa Slum, Delhi:

About 24 percent of Delhi's population lives in slums. Bhalswa slum residents come from different parts of Delhi. Its population is approximately twenty-two thousand. There is also the largest child labor in the slum.



3 - Nochikuppam Slum Chennai

In the "City of Flyovers", there are 1,300 huts with the Noakhikupam slums, where about 5 thousand people live below the poverty level and they do not have enough money for two meals a day.



4 - Basanti Slum Kolkata

City of Joy "is a Slum area in Kolkata known as Basanti Slum, it is one of the major slum areas in Kolkata. One-third of Kolkata's population, registered in 2011 and lived in 3500 unregistered slums.



5 - Rajendra Nagar Slum Bangalore

"Garden City" There are 570 Jhuggas alone in Bangalore, which are in the form of a total of 2000 slums in the state. It has been estimated that nearly 20% of the population of Bangalore lives in slums. Families living in slums are not ready to go into temporary shelters, saying that staying under the flyover is unfair and risky. According to the latest observations of the people of Bangalore, Rajendra Nagar slum no longer turns out, all slum dwellers have been rehabilitated.



6 - Indiramma Nagar Hyderabad

Nearly 624689 people live in the slum colony of Hyderabad, "The city of Nizam". Very few land is available for 104 people having identified and 24 unknown slums in Hyderabad.


7 - Saroj Nagar Slum Nagpur

"Orange City" has 424 legal slum areas in Nagpur, Sarojnagar is one of 424 slums in the city. In Nagpur, about 40% of the population lives in slum dwellers. These slums are home to more than 1,42,000 people and cover about 1,600 hectares of mainland. To fight for land in Maharashtra, it was making Dharavi the second largest slum area in Nagpur after Mumbai.



8 - Mehbullahpur Slum Lucknow

"City of Nawabs" Lucknow's population includes a large number of poor people, many of whom live in slums. 20000 people living in 22 out of 460 slums in Lucknow city Many people go to Lucknow from different parts of the nearest district for daily wages.

Mehbullah pur-Slum-Lucknow



9 - Satnami Nagar Slum Bhopal

"The City of the Lakes" There are several slums in Bhopal, Satnami Nagar is one of the oldest slums of Bhopal. The first two slum areas in Ruhal Nagar and Shanti Nagar, Bhopal have been declared as open defecation. People of Bhopal live on the streets and these slums provide shelter and other facilities for them to stay.



10 - Parivartan Slum Ahmedabad

About 440000 people live in slums within the city. Ahmedabad is home to a large population of poor people living on the river banks. The slums of the river banks in Ahmedabad are about 40 years old.

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