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Official name is the Republic of India. India's civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, which is more than 4000 years old, India was discovered by Vasco da Gama in 1498, so come know Brief description of India

India is geographically the seventh largest in the world and the second largest country in terms of population, the border of India is bound to seven countries, Pakistan in the west, China, Nepal and Bhutan in the northeast, Bangladesh in the east and Myanmar and Afghanistan in the northwest

  • Other names of India - Hindustan, India, Aryavrat, Bharat
  • Capital of India - New Delhi
  • Area of ​​India - 32,87,263
  • National Language of India - Hindi
  • Total state of India - 29
  • Union Territory of India - 7
  • Total districts of India - 640
  • Total village of India - 6.40 lakh (approx.)
  • Latromatic expansion of India - 840 from North latitude to 3706 'North latitude
  • Country-wide expansion of India - 6807 'Eastern longitude to 97025' long before longitude
  • Expansion of India from East to West - 2,934 Kgs. I
  • Expansion of India from north to south - 3,21,4 km I
  • Selected place for India's standard time - Allahabad 
  • Distance of equator to the south end of India - 876 km
  • The southernmost tip on the mainland of India - Kanyakumari
  • India's terrestrial border total length - 15,200 km I
  • Countries adjacent to India's borders - Nepal, Bhutan, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan
  • Indian sea touching ocean and sea-Indian ocean, Arab Gulf Bay of Bengal
  • National ideology of India - Satyamev Jayate
  • National Fruit of India - Mango
  • National flower of India - Kamal
  • National Games of India - Hockey
  • Location of India's highest rainfall - Mason 
  • India's Most Densely Populated State - Bihar 
  • India's most forested state - Assam 
  • India's most populous city - Mumbai
  • The Eastern States of India - Arunachal Pradesh
  • India's most western state - Gujarat 
  • India's northernmost state - Kashmir 
  • South Indian state of Tamil Nadu - Tamil Nadu
  • India's highest grossing film - Indrajrasi (1933)
  • India's fastest train - Shatabdi Express (New Delhi to Bhopal)
  • India's Most Expensive City - Bangalore
  • India's Most Polluting City - Kolkata
  • Total languages ​​of India - 1952 (approx.)
  • India's highest national honor - Bharat Ratna
  • The Supreme Court of India is a Scheduled Caste State - Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh)
  • India's Most Scheduled Tribe State - Madhya Pradesh
  • India's highest literacy state - Kerala (93.91 percent)
  • India's Least Year Location - Leh


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