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What is The Biggest Cause of Cancer? - FastRead.in

India's big artists and sportsmen who are struggling with a serious illness or have experienced this disease in the past.

First take a look at this list.

  • Sonali Bendre - Cancer
  • Ajay Devgan - Litalal epicondylitis (severe shoulder disease)
  • Irfan Khan - cancer
  • Manisha Koirala - Cancer
  • Yuvraj Singh Cancer
  • Saif Ali Khan - Heart Attack
  • Hrithik Roshan - brain clot
  • Anurag Basu - Cancer of blood
  • Mumtaz - breast cancer
  • Shahrukh Khan - 8 Surgery (knee, elbow, shoulder etc.)
  • Tahira Kashyap (wife of Ayushman Khurana) - Cancer
  • Rakesh Roshan - throat cancer
  • Lisa Ray - cancer
  • Rajesh Khanna - Cancer

These people are or were they. There is no shortage of money. The food always eat with the advice of the dietician. Milk also drinks a cow or buffalo that lives in the AC and drinks water of Bisleri. The gym also goes. Regular body performs all the tests. Everyone has their own high qualified doctor.

Clearly, these people are far away from pollution. Any polluted effluent of any factory can not even close around them even around their neighborhood. Now the question arises. After all, despite so much care of his body, how did he become so severely sick?

The real problem is that these people use cosmetic products a lot. Put a lot of powder, creams, lipsticks, alana-fruits, on the face. It is compulsion that the people can not even blame any industry. Everyone's home is very far from the industries.

But, think, if a cancer spreads in a village, then the first charge is only on the nearby factories. Apply a lot of cream powder on your face, use a variety of nail polish, eat khanei-tobacco, drink beidi, if anything then the baggage factory.

Various restrictions on factories, repeatedly new rules. It is necessary to research the emerging effluent, but it should also be done, but after bringing new new parameters, by making strict strict standards of the evolved effluent, the focus of the industry is completely productive and product quality, not on the costing; The problem arising from planting only on pollution is not a threat to the existence of industries.

Some time ago it was said that the stomach coke used in the industry boiler causes pollution. It was necessary for the industries to get the equipment installed. Well, a very expensive tool that was too expensive to run, industries started putting. It was not even started, that the restriction orders were issued on the use of abdominal coke abruptly. All the capital imposed by the industries in one stroke is redundant. The result - after all the occurrence of pollution, even after the stomach coke closure. But why?

Factories are upset; Industrialists regularly suffer from blood pressure due to changing rules; From the fear of retiring staff and workers

If happy, just China. Goods are coming from China, China is earning, selling goods at cheap prices and capturing the country's markets. How long will you boycott Chinese goods?

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