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Speech on Light Pollution in English in Very Simple Words @ fastread.in

Here we have provide long and short speeches in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. - Speech on Light Pollution - which are widely written and easy to understand. If you are a student, than, here you can find Speech in English language for 1st to 12+ class or IAS/IPS, Banking and other competitive exams students.


1 - Speech on Light Pollution

Hon'ble Principal, Vice Principal, Reputable Professors and My Beloved Friends - All the best to you all!

I hope all of you are enjoying today's program! Now I will request you to allow me to end my speech on light pollution. Before that, I had discussed what light pollution is, how it happens and what measures can be taken to prevent it. Here are some more important remedies which can still be seen to keep this form of pollution in control, so let's know them:

1) The first and more efficient method is to optimize the use of light in our homes and work spaces. This can be done using sensors and other devices that feel human presence and accordingly controls the light. This reduces the chances of human error and ensures optimal utilization of electricity.

2) Another way to reduce light pollution is to ensure that we do not contribute to light trespass through our homes, gardens or offices. We should use only the same light in these places as much as necessary and also ensure that the light we use is not interfering with the neighboring area. For this, we can use those light-emitted bulbs, which are not very scattered. Light trespass is an incident that contributes greatly to light pollution and should be dealt with strictly. Lights from our compound, falling on the neighboring homes, one can sleep for the nights.

3) As this is the most basic rule that should be followed and that should stop or avoid using outdoor lighting unnecessarily because the lights should not be lit when you are at home during the night. Switch the power button up to 12 o'clock and also make sure that when you go to bed for a simple reason to bring down the level of energy consumption, indoor lighting stops.

4) Last, but at least always do not be aware of the amount of energy you will be consuming and if necessary steps should be taken to prevent excessive use of electricity for your home, community or work. Drop the curtains or blind so that the lights do not go out. In fact, request to reduce the light on everyone at your workplace or stop them when they are not in use, and especially when all employees have left the house so that the light can be wasted. Employees can be informed about the cost and other benefits of reducing the use of light and eliminating light pollution.

Therefore, taking the above mentioned measures and working responsibly is advised. If we change ourselves, then the people around us will change themselves too; How do we bring positive change in our society? Dissipation leads to excess wastage and savings lead to more savings; So the choice is yours now that you want wastage or saving. As much as we save every quarter of our lives; Better for us and our next generation.

With this, I end my speech.



2 - Speech on Light Pollution

Wishes of Day Ladies and Gentlemen - How are you doing all?

I - Vinay Wardava of XYZ Committee - welcome to all of you in the 15th meeting of our seminar hall! The last six months have really been challenging, but I should say that we have actually pulled it as a team and contributed significantly to the conservation of our ecosystem. However, as today, as I stand here, I want to address another issue which really attracted my attention and made me amazed, which is a serious issue of light pollution.

Many of us do not know what exactly light pollution is and how it happens, is not it! Even if we do, how many of us actually accept it and take measures to stop it. That's why I understood the most suitable for talking about light pollution and related issues.

Light pollution occurs due to excessive use of artificial light in different forms. It has a serious effect on our ecosystem and its functioning. We all know a lot about the general forms of environmental pollution, such as water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, and soil pollution. But light pollution may seem very new to all of you. It is a fact that we should know that artificial lights affect natural light at many levels as the other human pollutants do! Like other types of pollution, light pollution has adverse effects on humans as well as other organisms.

Generally, there are four types of light pollution:

  • 1) Dazzle: It is nothing other than a bright light which makes us uncomfortable to look across.
  • 2) Skylglo: This is the effect of light on the crowded places during the night.
  • 3) Light trespass: It suggests trespass of light in someone else's property or land as a very word.
  • 4) Over illumination: Using light over the boundary.
  • 5) Light dislocation: It stands for a group of artificial lights.

The most obvious reason for light pollution is the inappropriate use of outdoor lighting. It can be anywhere, for example in your office, in your apartment or your car's headlights, streetlights, safety lights, billboards, station lights and more. Keeping the above sources in mind, it can easily be said that photo pollution has been taken from industrial civilization.

Light pollution is undoubtedly harmful for both plants and animals. In studies, it has been found that deciduous plants that come in contact with excessive outer light are disqualified for their leaves, as they should. In animals, the effect is observed in the behavioral patterns of anthropomorphic animals. We all know that during night time it becomes very difficult for these animals to roam, hunt and perform for day-to-day activities.

Last, but at least light pollution is not a big threat to the lives of humans. It is directly or indirectly accountable for the cause of various diseases. Its effect is directly related to the disturbances in the circadian rhythm. It increases the risk of many diseases, such as:

  • 1) the development of cancer cells;
  • 2) Low secretion of the melatonin hormone;
  • 3) Loss of immune responses; e.t.c.

Therefore, light pollution is another serious type of pollution and we should take measures to stop it. With this I want to end my speech, thanks!


3 - Speech on Light Pollution

Honorable Principal, Vice Principal, Reputable Professors and My Dear Friends - All the best wishes to all of you!

I Gita Ayer from - B.A program - welcomes everyone in our college auditorium. Before I give my speech, I want to thank our Honorable Principal as well as the Vice Principal for working in the best interests of our college and conduct programs that are present in our socio-economic, political and ecological situations Raise awareness about.

It goes without saying that the fame of our college has reached very high levels, because we are active on every front whether it is academics, cultural programs or sports. For us - students - best resources have been provided so that we can increase from all quarters. Not least to say, our faculty is unprecedented that always stand with us to overcome the challenges in our studies. thanks for your cooperation!

Now I can request everyone to let me give a speech on light pollution! Light pollution is not like pollution and any other form of garbage. You know why? Because it remains mostly unseen and unchecked in many countries. But now it is high time that we know how to keep an investigation on such wastage by changing a few minor adjustments and changing our out-of-the-light electrical habits.

First of all, let's know the definition of light pollution! Another name for light pollution is luminease pollution or commonly referred photo pollution. This means that excessive use and misuse of artificial lighting inside our homes and offices Mismanaged lights are not seen to affect the color pattern of the sky. Worst, these man-made lights take the natural light of the stars and create a big stir in their circadian rhythm, which is a day's course of many organisms. The brightness of these lights exerts a big impact on us:

  • The atmosphere
  • Secondly, on humans
  • Then wildlife
  • Energy Resources
  • Astronomy Research

The hazard associated with it is increasing day by day because demand for man-made lighting is also increasing year after year.

In the last five decades, as the country was industrial, urbanized and definitely endowed, the need for external illumination grew and light pollution went beyond the boundaries of the city as well as in rural and suburban areas. Please understand that outdoor lights are for the purpose of service, i.e. providing a clear view of the people at night and of course very essential security. But if you exceed it's reasonable limits, then it will be completely unacceptable and immediate action will be taken for this. Here are some tips to follow, which are easy to follow and can help you without risking your safety or comfort on this form of pollution:

  • In the first place, it is highly recommended to switch on LED lights and bulbs that give white glow. Just make sure that this light does not emit a little blue wavelength of light which is dangerous for our eyes and may be the cause of an impaired night vision.
  • Next, what you can do is fix the shielded lighting system on the outer terrace which does not emit a direct light in the sky.

Similarly, many other measures can also be taken, which I will discuss about at the end of the program. Until that time, I would request everyone to sit and enjoy the program.



4 - Speech on Light Pollution

Dear All - The Best Wishes of the Day!

I - Rajesh Tiwari - All of you are welcome at today's speech. This event could not have been better because our team is working hard to make this event a success and I sincerely hope that after the set and our hard work, this system is truly worth paying. I would like to express my gratitude for the team and still warmly welcome our honorable chief guest, Mr. ....

Friends, as you all know that he is a philanthropist and environmental activist who has done great work for the society and for our eco system. Sir, I want to express my gratitude for taking away your precious time and participating in this event from all of you. Needless to say, your presence has added a grace in this gathering.

Now seeing our constant struggle for the protection of our ecosystem, I would like to take a few minutes and address a speech on light pollution. Yes, this is light pollution. I am sure many of us are not well informed about it. So understand without any further stir, light pollution and its causes!

The excessive or improper use of artificial light is called "light pollution". It can have serious environmental consequences on our climate, humans and wildlife. Some components of light pollution are:

It is called Light Traspass and it occurs when the light falls on an improper place; Where it is not needed.
The second component is Glare, which means high light of light which causes inconvenience to the surrounding people.
The third is a Skyglow, which refers to the light of the night sky on the settled areas.
The last component is the cluster, which refers to the huge and random grouping of artificial light sources

Due to the Industrial Revolution, light pollution has reached its worst phase and its sources are as follows:

Street lights
Lighting the Exterior and Interior of Commercial Setup
Electricity in factories, factories
Illuminated sports venues
Enlightened hoardings; e.t.c.

Have you carefully considered the external lighting system? Are those lights very bright, improperly shielded, badly targeted and not required at many places? There are times when we do not need these lights and this is a futile waste. Sadly, the electricity that is being used to generate light becomes absolutely useless because the light is spread not only in real places but in places where people need them.

When I say that artificial lights affect human health, then I do not want to make a case in this matter. Of course, they are an important part of human life, but their overuse is definitely unchanged for this. Electricity is a boon for mankind, but we must also learn to use it wisely. Please understand that human nature has evolved according to the rhythm of nature, that is, we follow day and night, the natural cycle of light and darkness.

But then there comes artificial lighting, which distracts us from natural darkness at night. Research has suggested that artificial light can have negative effects on human health during the night, thereby increasing the risk of sleep disorders, obesity, diabetes, depression, breast cancer and many more.

Now that we are aware of the ill effects of light pollution, let us try and end the improper use of electricity and only use it if necessary.

With this I end my speech, thank you all!

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