Speech on Air Pollution in English in Very Simple Words for Kids

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Speech on Air Pollution in English in Very Simple Words for Kids

Here we have provide long and short speeches in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. - Speech on Air Pollution - which are widely written and easy to understand. If you are a student, than, here you can find Speech in English language for 1st to 12+ class or IAS/IPS, Banking and other competitive exams students.


1 - Speech on Air Pollution 

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, teachers and my dear friends - Congratulations to one and all!

I - Vidya from class XII (A) - welcome everyone to our school auditorium. As you know, today we are celebrating World Environment Day so that awareness can be spread through putting more trees and placing banners around your school, how important it is for us that we protect our nature and the environment Protecting from increasing pollution.

However, as I stand in front of you today, I want to give a brief speech on air pollution. The issue of air pollution has now become a topic of global concern as it has reached a dangerous situation and this is especially for people with some respiratory conditions, such as asthma or for people over 65 years old. Not good news.

Apart from the anthropogenic (man-made) activities which are responsible for creating air pollution; The summer season also has a major role. As temperatures rise, cars, trucks and buses exhaust, with common air-borne particles from power plants, react with sunlight and heat to produce ground level ozone. Ozone As we all know that this is a serious issue for our health, especially those who are heart patients or suffer from respiratory diseases like COPD and asthma.

Air pollution can increase the problem of asthma or even help those in the development of those who are not suffering from it. Is not it worse? Ozone acts as an irritant that can later affect the functioning of the lungs which are already suffering from some respiratory conditions. Another important fact is that Particulate Mater and Nitrates found in trucks and buses, which are byproducts of combustion engines, can cause serious asthma attacks.

The quality of air is deteriorating day and night, because we are cutting trees that release oxygen in the atmosphere. We are not only cutting these trees, but are becoming an important source of life on earth from Earth. Deforestation is happening for a number of reasons, such as commercialization, urbanization or industrialization - the reasons can be many, but we are seriously harming our environment and putting our lives in danger.

At the top of it, when our farmers burn waste crops, they also contribute greatly to the rising air pollution by releasing harmful gases to the environment. Similarly, we also have illegal cases of garbage collection.

All these activities are really a threat to our environment and the government needs to take strict measures to deal with the situation. This is all from me!

Now I can invite Mrs. Smt. ............ who are our social science teacher and I am sure they have something really useful to share with us today. Everyone welcomes him with a huge round of applause.

Thanks to such a wonderful audience, enjoy the day with us today!


2 - Speech on Air Pollution 

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen - It's good to see everyone for this national conference.

However, before starting this conference, I would like to take a few minutes and address a very important issue, which is today the subject of discussion, i.e. air pollution. Air pollution is no longer a problem of our country, but it has become a global phenomenon and we are primarily responsible for this disaster.

Please let me be very honest and say that we are the most selfish race on this earth because we only think about ourselves and work towards making our life comfortable. We have manufactured these big factories to manufacture products and vehicles so that traveling from one place to another quickly. Technology is really a boon for us and they have made our lives comfortable; However, the price we have paid in return is really large scale.

Ladies and gentlemen, the wind is the most abundant natural resource for us and we are not able to assess its value so much that we pollute this very air which we breathe. This is why air pollution has become a matter of great concern these days. Government and environmentalists are doing their best to bring down the level of air pollution, but it is not a change overnight because both of our ancestors were required to bring about change in society and people to adopt an ancient lifestyle.

Apart from emissions from vehicles, there are many other man-made activities that contribute heavily to air pollution and global warming, such as deforestation, mining, agriculture, power plants which we run on fossil fuels, etc. In fact, Smoking is also great. Contributes towards creating air pollution. Will not you be surprised? A smoker is responsible for adding approximately 40 carcinogens to the environment using only one smoke. Even though it is a microbial pollutant but its harmful effects are not less than the large-scale pollutants.

Now it is a dangerous time because air pollution has become one of the main causes of the falling health status of people. Due to respiratory problems such as bronchitis, cancer, heart disease, skin cancer, allergies, asthma, etc. due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, such as pollution, pollution has severely devastated people's lives.

Cough, cold and pneumonia are some of the diseases that occur to almost every other person, which is from your next door. Is not it? Pollution is slowly and slowly destroying our immune system so much that we have become infected with many other health problems.

There is a demand for time and we must take some concrete steps to improve air pollution and life on Earth. With this I relax my speech!

Now I can request to our board of directors that .......... come to the other side of the podium and say a few words in this regard.



3 - Speech on Air Pollution 

Hello Friends - Welcome to another speech giving assembly!

Hope you all are doing well! As we know, the topic that needs attention today is air pollution and I want every one of you to be part of it because everybody including me is responsible for creating air pollution.

We do not live in a pure environment and breathe - air is polluted, water is contaminated, food is polluted and not so! And unfortunately, more than natural factors, this is a human agency which is primarily responsible for creating air pollution. The air we breathe in has become so poisonous these days that the first half of the diseases that are due to us are due mainly to polluted environments.

Human agencies responsible for generating air pollution can be divided into different categories, but mainly responsible for automobile and industries.

Automobiles are a serious threat to our environment and in the past decade, pollution caused by these vehicles has increased manifold in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad. Exhaust excretion particles from vehicles, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and unburnered hydrocarbons, which contain some carcinogens of organic compounds, such as poliaromatic hydrocarbons and benzene - which have a profound effect on our health.

The government should encourage the use of public transport and there should be a separate lane to ply the bicycle. People should be urged to walk a few kilometers instead of riding a personal vehicle. These small, small measures can cause significant changes in air quality.

But do you know that there are few other conditions affecting the emissions of gases from vehicles and it increases air pollution. These vehicles lack the maintenance, when they are old and obsolete, due to tight roads and poor management system.

Pollution is not only rising due to the increasing number of vehicles on the road but also for the above reasons. Therefore, it is necessary that we ensure the maintenance and inspection of these vehicles from time to time so that the emission rate can be checked on the road outside the vehicle. There are certain test centers, such as AETCs, i.e. auto emissions testing centers, which play an important role in checking the in-use automation rate of the automobile.

Industrial pollution is yet another major source of air pollution. Industrial pollution is not only water pollution, but also the quality of air worsens. The reason for this is that instead of the huge labor of industries and machines, the quality of air has also worsened due to the replacement of manual labor.

Immediate steps need to be taken to deal with the situation of increasing air pollution, otherwise it will come at a time when we will not be able to breathe and any life on this planet will not be worth imagination. So let's save our Mother Earth and save the air from becoming more toxic.

I hope, through my speech, I can incite the feelings of so many people and can realize them where we are wrong.

All this is from my side, thanks!


4 - Speech on Air Pollution 

Good morning class teacher and all my dear friends! Today, as you all know that Wednesday is a day to give speech and my speech is air pollution.

Since air pollution has become a dangerous issue these days; Air pollution is defined by W.H.O. (World Health Organization) as "presence of air, presence of substances is due to human activities, which is enough to interfere with the comfort, safety or health of a person or in full use or pleasure of his property. The presence of contaminants in the atmosphere is considered in sufficient quantity and duration, so that they can be detrimental to human health, animals and plants life and Amany as can reduce welfare. "

There are two main reasons for air pollution, i.e. man-made causes and natural causes

Man-made causes:

A) There are many factors affecting air pollution, like we have chemical factories, petrol refineries, textiles, paper and pulp industries etc. Apart from this, the smallest of the industries are as much brick as the foundry also plays. A large role in generating air pollution.

B) Many insecticides are spread over fields. This spraying of pesticides increases the level of chemicals in our environment and causes pollution in the atmosphere.

C) Increase in the number of vehicles on the road is yet another major cause of air pollution, especially in big cities. Other major reasons are, such as old, spoiled vehicles, roadside vehicles, long-term traffic congestion, uneven roads and inappropriate traffic management authority.

D) Those people who are not properly ventilated in slums or in small towns and when they use such methods of cooking in the form of wood and coal in the stove of their home - then they can create air pollution. Contribute. And it happens in underdeveloped countries. We should not give the smoky indoor air for a clear reason because it will affect the health of both young children and adults.

E) Power stations are mainly run on petroleum or coal so that they can generate electricity and heat, which in turn emits sulfur dioxide (SO2) with smoke. According to the studies, thermal power stations release approximately 2/3 of total SO2 released in the atmosphere. These gases are actually toxic to our atmosphere and cause air pollution.

F) In fact, mining activities are also one of the main factors of air pollution because underground activities such as they generate too much dust. During mining, dust pumps from stockpiles, digging, ore transportation, crushing etc. When the wind moves, the situation increases and it takes the dirt from one place to another.

Reasons for Recovery:

Like man-made reasons, there are also natural causes of air pollution, such as dust storms, forest fires, volcanic eruptions, spores of fungus, pollen grains of flowers, etc.

However, we can control air pollution through different means like plantation, i.e. by planting more trees and using second compressed natural gas (CNG) and unleaded petrol. We can also explore some alternative energy sources that are environmentally friendly or have less harm.

With this, I bring my speech closer, thanking everyone patiently for listening to me!

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