Speech on Radioactive Pollution in English in Very Simple Words for Kids and Students

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Speech on Radioactive Pollution in English in Very Simple Words for Kids and Students

Here we have provide long and short speeches in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. - Speech on Radioactive Pollution - which are widely written and easy to understand. If you are a student, than, here you can find Speech in English language for 1st to 12+ class or IAS/IPS, Banking and other competitive exams students.


1 - Speech on Radioactive Pollution

Hello Friends - How are you all?

After a very long time, I feel very happy to see you all together under one roof. Even if we live in the same colony, but hardly we see one another more! Is not it? Now that we are going to run a campaign to save our environment, it will be important to find as many people as possible to contribute because more and more numbers will be effective.

But today as I stand on the podium in my speech, I want to talk about radioactive pollution. Yes guys, you heard right! Why Radioactive Pollution? Well, there are some reasons! The first is that many of us do not know about radioactive pollution. Secondly, one day before yesterday I am going to read an article on radioactive pollution and it is adversely affecting our environment.

We live in a sensitive environment which is in contact with various types of pollution and among all I find it most dangerous that it is radioactive pollution because it not only affects living species very badly, but it will have an impact. Lives up to the generation. Therefore, I think it is very important to talk about radioactive pollution and to increase awareness about it. So now I tell you about this form of pollution and how we can monitor it.

Radioactive pollution is a form of pollution caused by nuclear waste and radioactive agents. These atomic wastes are sub-products of nuclear fission or are caused by atomic reactions. Nuclear power plants produce atomic waste which are definitely man made and very dangerous to our ecosystem. Gm radiation emerging from radioactive waste can lead to many health hazards, such as lung cancer, skin cancer and thyroid cancer.

Radiation can also lead to problems of cancer, infertility and loss in humans. Apart from this, exposure to radiation from nuclear waste or radioactive substances can cause wounds and irritation in our skin, and eventually our death can occur. Its effects are not often fatal. Is not it terrible? If atomic waste is open in an unchanged place and around the ocean, then it can have adverse effects on the soil and sea life present there.

Due to radioactive elements the soil is also contaminated which can severely affect its reproductive capacity. Worse, radioactive waste is active in our environment for hundreds and thousands of years and causes great harm to its constant emissions of dangerous radiations such as alpha, gamma and beta.

Friends, we must strictly avoid entering areas where radiation is prone as little carelessness can cause us irreparable damage and which our generation will have to pay.

On this note, I will request to all of you to take care of the things I mentioned and to look for preventive measures so that we do not run into problems.

All this is from me, thanks for your deep love and support!


2 - Speech on Radioactive Pollution

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen - I hope you all are doing well!

First of all, I want to thank all for participating in this speech. It is good to see people coming in large numbers and showing great enthusiasm for the Save the Environment. I want to express my gratitude to the entire committee for your valuable contributions. The success of this campaign or the height that has reached today is not possible without the support of every person present here.

Today, as I stand in front of you all, I want to give a speech on radioactive pollution. Due to the growing concern of the environment, it has become a hot topic these days. So let's understand what all this is, how it is spread and what can be done to stop or keep an eye on it.

Radioactive pollution is a form of physical pollution that contaminates water, air and other radioactive substances. There are some elements that emit protons, electrons and gamma rays through their nucleus, which is called radioactivity. Protons are nothing but alpha particles and electrons are called beta particles. Agents are called radioactive elements and there is no single source for radiations, but many more sources can be either man-made or natural.

Natural irradiation or which you can call background radiation - Cosmic rays are an important part in this, which divide the surface of the Earth from space. These rays include radioactive substances such as uranium, radium, carbon, potassium, radon and thorium. These are found in water, rock and soil. Man-made radiation occurs during the mining and refining processes of thorium and plutonium. This production and explosion of nuclear weapons includes power plants, nuclear fuels and radioactive isotopes.

We can easily assess the harmful effects of radioactive pollution and also pollute the environment, affecting certain materials such as radium, strontium and iodine. The particles and gases are released by radioactive elements. Then they are taken away from the air; The rest are brought from the rain to the ground, which is defined as the atomic collapse.

The soil then transmits these radioactive agents into plants and eventually humans consume these contaminated plants resulting in various side effects. Iodine affects white blood cells, bone marrow and spleen count, and causes skin cancer, lung damage, sterility. Strontium has the nature of bone depositing which causes bone cancer and as a result the tissue degenerates.

Radioactive elements actually pass through land for many water bodies and have a dangerous effect on the life of these aquatic animals. They reach the human body through the food chain.

A lot can be said on this subject, but I would like to summarize my speech here in a thank-you letter that all of you have contributed a great deal for this reason; However, there is still a lot to be done and I would request every one present here to be cautious and be cautious of such nuclear power sites which can inadvertently harm the lives of many people.

All this is from my side, thanks!


3 - Speech on Radioactive Pollution

Best wishes to our Honorable Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and my dear students - I hope that you will find this day in the best souls.

I - Pooja Dubey Standard (XII), Section - B - Your host is on the Save Environment for today's event, save our planet. Since I am also a part of the campaign and working diligently as the support of the team to protect our environment, I want to give a short lecture on the subject of radioactive pollution.

You all might be wondering why radioactive pollution? Well, we talk about all the different types of pollutants, such as water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, etc. While the least talk about radioactive pollution is discussed. So I want to share the important piece of knowledge on it so that we can understand how much harm it is to our environment and if we can take some preventive measures.

Radioactive pollution is also called radioactive contamination is defined as the presence of radioactive substances in our environment. These substances are nothing but as pollutants they cause serious damage to our environment. All living spaces can be victims of the most dangerous form of pollution of humans, plants or animals.

Before we know about its causes, let's understand which substances cause radioactive pollution. A substance becomes radioactive when the atomic nucleus starts to decompose. When this happens, the atom becomes unstable and starts releasing radioactive particles.

The radiation is composed of a series of particles, such as alpha particles, gamma particles, beta particles and one type of electron called 'conversion electron'. It is not always possible to detect radiation when a person touches the skin. But we all know that it is dangerous. When this is alpha radiation, then for that matter a person or a living person should be within reach of the radiation source to be affected; While other forms of radiation can easily range long distances and can have harmful effects on people, animals and plants around the mile.

How is the cause of radioactive pollution?

Now understand how radioactive pollution is done! This occurs when radioactive elements are allowed to be disrupted in the environment and it can be done in many ways.

One of the main reasons for radioactive pollution is the violations in nuclear power plants, which often cause the release of radioactive substances in our environment. Because nuclear power becomes an important alternative to fossil fuels, this risk increases.

Yet another reason is the spread of chemicals. Due to improper transport or breakage in containers, radioactive chemicals are released in the atmosphere and on the ground. Yet another important reason for radioactive pollution is the dishonest scientific experiment involving radiation.

Like them, there are many other reasons for radioactive pollution. I will discuss the effects and prevention of radioactive pollution in the next part of my speech, which is likely to be close to the end of this event. Until then, let's start the event.



4 - Speech on Radioactive Pollution

Hello Friends - How are you all?

I - Rajeshwari - Welcome to our Honorable Principal, Vice Principal, teachers and our dear students! You are a spectacular spectator and I have to say that I have a wonderful experience of hosting today's environment, our planet Save program. I sincerely hope that during the whole event, we can gain knowledge and do some wonderful disclosures about our environment. This will really help us in preventing preventive measures where we can apply this knowledge in our daily lives.

Now, while continuing with our first speech, I would like to discuss the effects of radioactive pollution and all those preventive measures that can save us and our environment. Friends, radiation changes and actually destroys cells in living organisms. These living organisms can be either human, animal or plant, and radiation can cause disease or death.

Radioactive pollution is responsible for creating genetic mutation in living organisms and their offspring. Let's take an example of an animal; If it is exposed to radioactive pollution, then it is quite likely that it can lead to serious birth defects children. These mutations are also responsible for conditions like cancer and infertility.

If we come in contact with radiation, then we may also feel the effect of burning: Chemical water is not uniform, which are burned from excessive heat because at a high temperature for an organism to experience a water No need of chemicals is sensation when we come in contact with them. But burning from radioactive agents can damage our skin tissues, pain, blisters and redness of the skin.

Radioactive agents can also damage plants and soil. It can leave the barren of the soil and hence is inappropriate for the crops for the coming years. In addition, the air around us becomes insecure to breathe.

Now, let's know what preventive measures can be taken in this regard:

Keep a safe storage, i.e. radioactive agents should be stored in special containers, which are not easily able to break or radiate out.

There are alternatives to nuclear energy, which can help curb the growing number of nuclear power plants globally and therefore reduce the risks associated with radioactive pollutants. Radioactive agents are present at different places in the nuclear power plant. At some places in the nuclear power plant, radioactive substances are present. Clearly, the production of atomic energy requires radioactive substances and all the waste which is wasted is also radioactive.

There must be a clear warning of the presence of radioactive substances because if a person or a living person comes in contact with radioactive substances; Wherever this person goes / he will also pollute other living beings.

Therefore, radioactive agents need adequate care to prevent us or our environment from harming. Fortunately or unfortunately, as we are progressing in science, radiation is constantly increasing. However, decay of atoms is used for positive means, such as the production of atomic energy, radioactive material can become dangerous for our existence.

With this I rest my speech, thanks!


Paragraph on Radioactive Pollution

Despite some harmful effects of radioactivity, other uses of atomic energy and radioactive elements have become an integral part of modern development. Many countries conscious of environment in the world rely heavily on nuclear power for their electricity generation.

Currently, 17 percent of the world's electricity is generated from nuclear sources. The atomic source is considered clean, compact and concentrated. It is clean because it has minimal impact on the environment compared to other energy production sources. It still requires monitoring and prevention measures to make the environment safer.

Monitoring of radiation is very important for its control. For this, sampling and proper analysis are necessary. Wind, water and soil samples are required to be collected regularly and their analysis is both manual and instrumental, not only to know the actual level of radioactive pollution, but also to control it.

To control radioactive pollutants, prevention and control measures have to be adopted. The objective of all remedies should be so that the level of radioactive pollution does not exceed the maximum permissible limit. Industrial waste with radioactive elements should be discharged after proper treatment. High activity garbage should not be discharged.

Now, some techniques have been developed, through which these effluents can be used, if they are treated properly. Disposal of waste in the sea is also not a safe way, but if possible, these waste should be sealed in concrete filled with drum drops and should be discharged in depth of 1,000 fathers or more.

The emission of radioactive pollutants should be controlled at any cost. In uranium mines, wet drilling can be employed. Closed-cycle systems can be used with gaseous cooling of very high accuracy to prevent high-hyperactivity products in nuclear reactors. Employers and officials working in reactors or other places also need to control radiation hazards at risk of radioactivity.

A kit should be provided to protect all workers from radiation effects and health care. What is more, the electricity stations workers should be trained in radiation safety and radiation exposure control measures. United Nations and other agencies in the world are in favor of total sanctions on nuclear weapons but there has been little progress in this area. We hope that soon the time will come when our world will be free from the threat of atomic bombs and other nuclear weapons.


10 Lines on Radioactive Pollution

1) Radioactive pollution refers to the increase in radiation levels in the environment during the processing of radioactive substances by humans.

2) To produce energy in nuclear power plants, activities like mining, processing and handling of radioactive materials lead to radioactive radiation.

3) Nuclear accidents from the nuclear power plant lead to radioactive pollution.

4) Use of radio isotope for detectors and industrial activities leads to radioactive waste in the environment.

5) Nuclear waste emits harmful radiations such as gamma rays, which can damage organs.

6) Nuclear waste discharge can contaminate air, soil and water.

7) Gamma radiation can have a serious effect on the gene because it damages the DNA strand.

8) Radiation can also cause problems of infertility, cancer and loss in humans.

9) Exposure to radiation from radioactive elements is caused due to burning, wounds, skin cancer and also death.

10) Atomic wastes containing uranium and plutonium can make the soil infertile and highly toxic.

10 lines on radioactive pollution - set 2

1) Radioactive waste, the main source of pollution is the sub-product of nuclear power generation.

2) Radio nuclei emitted by nuclear reactors can destroy an entire city at once.

3) Radio used in industries emits iodized radiations that are harmful to the environment.

4) Monitoring radioactive radiation is very important to control pollution.

5) Prevention of preventive measures should be adopted to control the release of radioactive waste from a nuclear plant.

6) Disposal of radioactive waste in the ocean is posing a major threat to the life of the ocean.

7) Leakage should be strictly stopped from nuclear reactors by following standard operating procedures in nuclear plants.

8) Radioactive fuel negligence should not be allowed to handle and transport.

9) Nuclear waste is active for thousands of years and it can not be dealt with easily.

10) Radioactive waste is kept under water for a few years so that the radioactive element can be decayed and further dealt with it safely.

10 lines on radioactive pollution - set 3

1) Radioactive pollution refers to the presence of radioactive substances due to human activities or otherwise in the environment.

2) Atomic testing due to radioactive pollution, improper disposal of nuclear waste etc.

3) Radioactive pollution can actually be dangerous, thereby causing actual damage to life and property.

4) Radioactive pollution can be equally harmful for humans, plants and animals.

5) Radioactive pollution has many negative effects on all living organisms and plants.

6) It affects the respiratory system negatively and causes many diseases of the skin.

7) High levels of radioactive pollution can damage the cells and internal organs.

8) The damage caused by radioactive pollution on the human body is often permanent and unrecoverable.

9) Naturally occurring radioactive substances include uranium, thorium and radon gas.

10) Natural radioactive substances can be brought in contact with the surface by human activities like mining, oil extraction etc.


Essay on Radiation Pollution

The greed of the nations is increasing the problem of pollution by becoming a 'super powers' and exploiting the natural resources that God has presented to us and maintaining life on this beautiful earth. In addition to the major pollutants i.e. the dangers of air, water, soil and noise, we are also aware of radiation pollution, which is a very serious problem because its action is very fast and highly condemnable.

Radiation pollution is a physical type of environmental pollution. The main radiation hazards in the environment come from ionization and non-ionization radiations. Basically the radioactive material is volatile energy. Its contact has great effect on humans and animals as well as plants and animals. It can kill plants, animals and humans, or at least cause serious health problems and diseases.

Radiation pollution is caused by anything left of the radioactive substance. It includes the installation of nuclear power plants, nuclear tests. X-ray, fluorescopy, radar. Now these days, the equipment and equipment are used to increase the standard of living and communication, i.e., mobile phones and devices which are easy to cook like microwave oven and are all over the color television, Those who have become indispensable now, part of modern lifestyle, all are contributing to radiation pollution to a great extent.

In the past few decades there have been a large number of nuclear explosions in different parts of the world. Nuclear explosions are very fast, and according to a rough estimate, about 50% of the energy is exploded in an explosion, 33% in the form of heat and the remaining 17% fall out in the form of radioactivity.

Half-life time of so many produced radionuclides varies from few seconds to thousands of years. These radio nucleodes are distributed throughout the environment and transmitted to humans through the food chain. When consumed by humans, some radionuclides are concentrated in specific organs where they become harmful to health.

There is no reliable and appropriate method of disposing of radioactive waste such as expired nuclear fuel, gaseous waste and other low-level waste. Neither is there any reliable way to store radioactive waste, which is produced in large quantities every year.

In a scrap shop in Delhi's Mayapuri area, we heard about the news of the radiation exposure of the cobalt-60 and read in the newspapers, mainly in the shoppers and people living in the shop, Problems happened. Area also. Similarly, radiation emanating from mobile towers is also causing pollution.

So many mobile towers are being removed from the court order in Delhi. Every now and then we hear about radiation exposure in one place or another. There was a catastrophic tragedy in Japan, not only in the country but in the Pacific and other places also radiation pollution increased. Radiation exposure is not limited to that location, over time it spreads to other places and ultimately, the whole environment is polluted.

Radionuclide of radium, thorium of potassium, uranium and isotope. (K-40), and carbon (C-14) are usually found in soil, rocks, air and water due to atrophy of atomic minerals. Generally, the concentration of radionuclides is higher in marine sediments.

On terrestrial radiations we get approximately 50 meters / yr on average, but in areas where uranium-rich rocks are found in Kerala, this can be as much as 2000 red / yr. We also get radiations from our environment because radioactive gases such as thorons and radon are present in the air but fortunately their quantity is very low i.e. about 2 meters red / year

Humans are also exposed to internal radiations, because some radioactive substances such as uranium, thorium and potassium, strontium and carbon are present in small amounts in our body tissues. Exposure from internal radiation varies from 25 to 75 m radi / yr.

Apart from this internal radiation we are also in contact with background radiation. Radiation allows the entire universe to be the solar system and our planet Earth. Sun rays have a stable stream of solar radiation which is formed in space with the visible light, UV, IR and gamma rays.

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