Speech on Save Trees and Save Our Planet Earth in English in very Simple Words

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Speech on Save Trees and Save Our Planet Earth in English in very Simple Words

Here we have provide long and short speeches in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. -Speech on Save Trees and Save Our Planet Earth - which are widely written and easy to understand. If you are a student, than, here you can find Speech in English language for 1st to 12+ class or IAS/IPS, Banking and other competitive exams students.


1 - Speech on Save Trees and Save Our Planet Earth 

Good morning students - how are you doing all?

You all look cheerful and excited, who have rejoined the school after a long vacation. Is not it? well that's great! You are wondering why I am taking your zero hour here and I am formally addressing to you all. This is because our school has taken responsibility for protecting the earth and doing all that is done according to its capacity to raise awareness of the deforestation and the harmful effects on our planet Earth.

Despite knowing that deforestation seriously affects our environment in more than one way, we still continue to cut down and use the land for the construction of houses and factories. Looks so terrible and dark around and damp! We know the benefits of growing more trees and their mere presence transforms our lives into a photo that touches the heart of the blooming, frightening eyes with blooming flowers and green leaves. Many sightings of large trees, tall trees, and blossoms raise our spirits and soak our hurt soul. Do we feel ecstatic in nature's lap and we forget all our worries?

Then why do we shave a handful of trees, we let such precious gifts of nature go. Trees provide us food, shelter, air, sound health and protect our earth by trapping carbon dioxide in the trap of gas and release oxygen gas into the air through the process of photosynthesis.

Anthropogenic activities are increasing and we are doing very little to give it back to nature. Instead, we are just tapping its resources. Is this correct, student? So if you feel that doing this is inappropriate for us, and then take a pledge to protect our earth by planting more trees. Also, increase awareness among your peer group, neighbors and relatives so that its benefits can be calculated.

If we have enough trees in our living environment, then we should try that wherever we find a piece of land, plant trees. If possible, run a campaign or connect yourself with an organization that can help you fulfill your goal and can help you reach as many people as possible. By associating yourself with an organization, the mission will become stronger and you will get more hands to plant. Human life can not be imagined on earth in the absence of trees. Do you know that a full-blown leaf tree produces enough oxygen for the survival of 10 people? Many people do not understand that the jungle also works as a large filter that helps in bringing the air inside.

Trees help in absorbing air pollutants such as particles (which are born from the air), curb heat, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Trees also help in controlling air pollution by maintaining particles, reducing air temperature through respiration.

When there are enough benefits that we can get only by planting trees, why should we stay behind in the race! Come, try your joint efforts in this joint effort.



2 - Speech on Save Trees and Save Our Planet Earth 

Good Morning Friends - I hope this day will get you in the best spirit!

As you all know that today is World Environment Day and the reason why we have gathered here is to celebrate this important day and to realize its importance so that important steps can be taken to preserve the environment.

Friends, in this technically driven age, we have rarely had time to stop, see and appreciate the beauty of nature around. The more we are moving in this scientific era, the more retrograde we are making in our approach towards the protection of our planet Earth. For example, if we have to spend a short distance in the car, which can be done by bicycling or hiking or using public transport for that matter, we will choose our facility and reach Will use the car for Desired destination We have no clue about how many of us have this inclination in mind and are continually influencing our environment because the pollution we leave from our vehicles has a detrimental effect on our environment.

While on the one hand we are creating pollution in the environment in every way, on the other hand, we are doing nothing to deal with air pollution, such as growing more trees. Worst, we are cutting the existing trees too. Despite hearing a lot from the media, deforestation is badly affecting our environment, we are doing nothing to stop it. This is because we rarely hear about the benefits of growing more trees. For this, we need only a little bit of land and a little water. If we are unable to return our nature so much, by which we take so much, then we are not entitled to that benefit which our earth Earth shows us.

Please understand that the growing tree is a great exercise because it not only protects the soil and preserves water, but also sticks to carbon. One of the most abundant elements on our planet is carbon and when it is released in very large amounts in our atmosphere, the heat of the sun gets trapped and the climate gets hot. Global warming follows its own natural curriculum and it happens repeatedly in the geological scenario of our Earth. The current phase of global warming began about 12-15,000 years ago when the vast glaciers which used to cover areas of northern Europe, North America and Asia melted away.

Deforestation is one of those processes that increase carbon levels in our atmosphere. When we cut trees to clean the ground and burn the trees, we leave a large amount of carbon in our environment. This carbon gradually accelerates the global warming process. However, if we find more trees around us or wherever we find an empty piece of land, we can definitely make it for the loss of our forests and at least to some extent the carbon Can be free from the clutches of sink.

All this is from me, thank you so much for being a lovely audience!


3 - Speech on Save Trees and Save Our Planet Earth 

Hearty congratulations Reverend Principal, Vice Principal, teachers and my dear friends - I welcome everyone at our school assembly hall!

I Vijay Kumar From - Standard (XII - A), I will deliver a speech on a burning issue, i.e. Speech on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth. Friends, we all know how important trees are for our environment and for us because they play a big role in protecting our planet Earth, but if there are not enough trees around us, then we will not have anything for our soil will not be able to do .

So here, I ask the most important questions to all of you, are you worried about our mother earth's welfare? Do you want to do your work to save our environment? With such negative news on regular basis of global warming, endangered animals, dying oceans, trees and forests - we do not really understand where to start! Is not it? We always say that I am only responsible for bringing change in society and only our personal action has not changed any significant changes in our society. But it is not because we can also educate others while doing their work, which will definitely be fruitful.

Here, I give some important reasons why trees are important to us and how they help us to protect life forms on earth:

First of all, trees give us oxygen which is the most important reason to stop cutting trees. And, do you know that the average size tree produces enough oxygen for the family of four people to maintain itself in respiration? The other thing is that nature is the best way to cure our acquired soul, just by looking at trees and flowers our soul gets elevated and we feel happy from within. Third, trees also absorb heat from the environment so that when they are planted around our house, they help keep it cool and airy. Is not it great?

The fourth reason that I will give is that they really are boons for patients. Many studies have come with this observation that patients who live in proximity with nature, take less medicines for relief from pain and recover faster; Therefore, they are soon discharged from the hospital compared to those patients, who live between the four walls. Do we not consider ourselves to be like that when we are surrounded by trees, we feel good about ourselves? People become more productive when they inspect the trees during their visit and windows of their offices.

In fact, that place becomes a retreat place where there are around trees and people are ready to go to such places.

Last, but at least the trees do not give us enough fruits and vegetables. Apart from this, some of them are also used in the preparation of medicines; There are also various sub-products of wood available in the market, such as we have toothpaste, medicines, paper etc. Parts of trees are used as essential raw materials for newspapers, publishing houses etc.

Therefore, trees help not only protect the mother but also help in many other ways, it is not possible to list completely. Finally, I would request you to grow more trees than all of you and help build a lush atmosphere.


4 - Speech on Save Trees and Save Our Planet Earth 

Dear All - I, Rajesh Baksh, Welcome to everyone's welcome at the Today's speech of Save Tree . This gives me great pleasure to welcome you all for another successful completion of the Save The Tree project. However, there is still a need to do a lot in the context of spreading awareness among people in our environment as well as growing more and more trees in our environment. I can still do this, despite a lot of things being done in this regard, people are not paying attention to the environment around us and are cutting trees with carelessness. There is a lot to be done now.

So friends, here I request you all to contribute to your efforts for this global cause. I hope everyone knows why this is so! Because saving trees is directly proportional to saving our planet Earth. And all the countries are working hard to save the earth, otherwise the results will be borne by each of us at the world level. The red alert has already been determined by IUCN, i.e. the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Because of the awareness spread by such international organizations and the harmful effects seen by every country, everyone is trying their best to save planet Earth and the first and foremost thing is to grow more and more trees. Protecting existing plants and trees

Friends, as we all know, trees produce oxygen which is useless to say that there is the lifeline of every living creature. This summer season, unfortunately we do not have enough trees to enjoy fresh air and breathe in a pollution-free environment. Trees help in filtration of soil, air and water, due to which they become green and green in our surroundings. If we stay close to the trees, then we will become more healthy and our life will be happy.

Therefore, it becomes dependent on our share of spreading greater awareness, saving trees and protecting our forests. During the saving of trees, I will request everyone to reduce the waste of paper products as much as possible and limit their use. Whatever the ways we should adopt in order to save the trees and in fact, others should also urge them to do so. Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to move ahead and join hands with you to save this beautiful land. Ask more people to join our organization and work to protect trees.

One of the environmentalists said right, "It is not only that the world is better by saving, replacing, and multiplying trees, that is such a purpose an impulse towards developing a mood and an attitude. For those who, for the future, will be naturally increasing for the other people, for generations to think for the unborn yet. Applying a tree is a kind of action It is a symbol; looking forward, it is still not too far. "

This is a very suitable message because it is not only about growing more trees, but also creates such impulse where it becomes a part of our life and we do not have to adopt it artificially.

Thanks, this is all I have to say!


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