Speech on Importance of Water in English in Very Simple Words for Kids and Students

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Speech on Importance of Water in English in Very Simple Words for Kids and Students

Here we have provide long and short speeches in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. - Speech on Importance of Water - which are widely written and easy to understand. If you are a student, than, here you can find Speech in English language for 1st to 12+ class or IAS/IPS, Banking and other competitive exams students.


1 - Speech on Importance of Water 

Warm Greetings Everyone – How are you all doing?

Hope you find this day in the best spirit! Thank you for coming to a large number and creating our campaign - save the water, save the earth this grand. Friends, due to rising water shortage, Savoy water has become a rally today and if it continues, then I am really afraid of what will happen to our coming generations.

It is high time and we must always keep in our mind that water is important for human life. When supply is abundant, water does not seem to be a limited resource - mainly, fresh potable water which is the most important for human existence. Is not it? However, in the absence of honest efforts to save water, this important supply of water can end one day. Protection also gives us economic benefits - as well as equipment and energy for the direct result of water conservation efforts are also preserved.

The majority of life on Earth is in connection with water supply. Through conservation we can protect life on earth and make a balance, which would otherwise be disturbed by the desire for supply of water. Excessive use of water or wastage will threaten other life forms, which in a way help our nutrition.

Friends, also understand that water is not something that is processed and transported to your place, for free. Whenever water is used, it contains a certain cost. The local body around you charges you. The higher the demand for water, the more you have to bear. By preserving the water, you will be able to save this precious resource and of course the costs involved per unit.

Water conservation from water conservation as well as sewage setup and individual septic system will be curbed with the need to maintain and maintain water treatment. The more water you consume; This device is used more and therefore requires replacement. Apart from this, local treatment plants can also be weak due to excessive use of water, due to which some water has to undergo treatment that purifies it before it is forced, which can lead to potential health hazards. Similarly, an ultra-rich septic system can release untreated water in the surrounding soil.

Therefore, what is needed in the current situation of the water crisis is that we can adopt simple water conservation techniques and method, in this way we will be able to cut down on the use of our water, that is, more than half If you can do a little more effort each day, then you can make a big difference alone. Whether you use a low-flowing shower or just go for zero-gardening, that is, in your garden, use plants that can grow in the absence of water or which do not require water. You will find that your water bill has already decreased in the month. Do this job to save your planet and favors your future generation.

All this is to say to me, thanks.


2 - Speech on Importance of Water 

Respected Class Teacher, teachers and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to all of you!

Welcome to our assembly hall! As we know today, the function of giving a speech today is day and I have chosen a very relevant topic for addressing, i.e. speech on the importance of water, However, I am not going to talk about the importance of water in terms of our planet and its lack, but how important it is to our own existence. Still, we continue to ruin the water and do not realize its importance that we should think about preserving every drop of it.

It is not an exaggeration to say that water is a life saving. We can go without food, but without water. Despite knowing all this, we are wasting this important natural resource. Here, I want to repeat the fact that water is important for our survival.

How many of us know that our body weight is made of about 60 percent of water? Our body uses water in all its organs, cells and tissues to control body temperature and to ensure other physical functions. Because when we breathe, sweat and digest food then our body's water retention capacity is reduced. Therefore, it is important that it is important to reactivate our body after eating fluid and eating foods that are consumed with water. The more water our body needs, it is based on various factors, such as the kind of climate we live in, how physically active we are and if we are undergoing ailment or some other major Health problems are battling.

Friends, in addition to cooling down our thirst, water also controls the temperature of our body and keeps the tissues moist in our body. Now just remember the time when your mouth gets dry! If our body is well hydrated, then it will maintain enough water for our bones, blood and brain. In addition, water helps to protect the spinal cord and it acts as a pillow or lube for your joints.

Sufficient water intake allows our body to expel waste through sweat, defecation and urination. Liver and kidneys use water to allow waste to be taken out, just like our intestines do. Water can also stop constipation by softening our stool and helps us divide the food we eat through the way of our intestines. But it is important to understand that there is no evidence to prove that the problem of constipation can be prevented by increasing the intake of water.

And the list is endless! Thus water is very important for our survival. No living species can survive in its deficiency. Therefore it becomes our responsibility to save every drop of water and avoid its wastage. Given the increasing water shortage, there is a constant fear for our future generation. How will they be able to cope with such a horrific situation?

Therefore, it is necessary that we make a prudent call and make wise use of water.

All this is from my side, thanks guys!


3 - Speech on Importance of Water

Good Morning Everyone - Welcome to Our Society Club House!

I - Rajesh Chaurasia (Secretary of our ABC Society) - All of you are very happy to come to this meeting in such a short time. It is to bring to your notice that our society is facing the situation of water crisis to the extent that sometimes water has to be bought from the Water Resources Department. As a responsible citizen of our country, it becomes our responsibility to make an intelligent use of an important natural resource.

Therefore the purpose behind calling this meeting is to increase the issue so that immediate measures can be taken to handle it, because I am not able to deal with this situation myself. Secondly, I want to increase awareness among people about the importance of water so that the national consciousness can develop and not everyone should use water more than the requirement. And in this I need urgent help of all our community members.

In ancient times people thought that water is the source of life and according to Asian philosophy, "water is the beginning and the foundation of creation". In the 6th century BC, the first Greek philosopher was Thales, who had predicted the main content element or the source of every living being and cosmic phenomenon, i.e. water.

Thales's view is that "water is the divine source of every living being" which conveys it to the conclusion that the real substance of nature and soul is water because the power of water is primarily kinetic. Water circulation ensures balance between the earth and within each biological organism. We can not imagine life without water only and therefore it is not surprising that water plays an important role in many religions of the world.

Friends, do you know that large amounts of water are mainly contained in the oceans, which play an important role in stabilizing the climate of the earth and making it a holy place for humans. Land, which are close to the oceans, experience a change in weather conditions more rapidly. However, it is believed that water is an environmental shock absorber. This is the reason that along with the coastal areas, climate is also milky. The heat coming from the sun is absorbed in water and the temperature fluctuates to a narrow boundary.

Since the special heat of water is so high that changes in climate do not occur at the peak of the oceans. The temperature seen from day to night in the day and night at the coast is less than the day and night changes in the desert, where you will not get water.

Therefore water helps in maintaining our lives in more than one way. Therefore, I request you all that you come forward and contribute for this reason. Also, learn ways to deal with this issue of lack of water.

I have to say all this, now I can request you all that you feel free to join me here and share your thoughts on it.


4 - Speech on Importance of Water 

Honorable Principal, Vice Principal, respected teacher and my dear friend - Wishing me all the best wishes!

It makes me very happy to stand here and start today's speech. I have chosen a very relevant topic, i.e. speech on the importance of water. At present, everyone is facing the situation of water crisis and this situation remains, I am afraid our next generation will survive and how to deal with it. It is as simple as the fact that no living speaker can survive in the absence of water.

Therefore, I felt the need to pay attention to this issue and there was a need to spread awareness about its use in the people. However, we all know about the importance of water, but it is just that we have become careless and the wastage is not disturbing us so much that we are literally snatching the nature of its natural wealth. Therefore, through this forum if I can make people aware about this issue and affect the minds of the people, then my work will be completed.

Friends, water is much more than a liquid substance because the existence of this Earth is dependent on water. This is why we say that water is life. The primary reason is that every species living on this earth contains about 65 to 70 percent of water in their body. Life without water is unimaginable, whether it be of humans, animals and plants or any other living creature. Water is the most important element on earth. Water is a great part for our daily activities in our lives, such as for drinking, for cooking, for bathing, for the construction, etc.

Despite the fact that our earth has 70 percent water, only 1 percent of the water is fresh and fit for use and the remaining 97 percent of the water is salted while 2 percent is in the form of ice in snow and glaciers.

These days, the human environment is destroyed by destroying the environment and wasting 1 percent of clean water in many ways, such as:

  • Excess water usage
  • Water source with litter
  • Neutral use of water in different homes

The more water is wasted, the same is the consumption of natural resources, such as fossil fuels that are essential for the production of clean water for the production of electricity. The main advantages of saving water are:

  • Less use of natural resources such as fossil fuels for the production of fresh water.
  • More water is saved; As much as we can keep it for the use of plants and animals. It helps in maintaining balance in our ecology.
  • We must all conserve water to avoid the situation of drought in the near future.
  • Water should be preserved for agricultural use.
  • Water should be saved for our future generation because one day it will be closed due to limited availability.

last but not the least; Let's take a pledge that we all save water to save our land.


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