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What Causes Early Aging of The Indian People? - FastRead.in

Today we are going to talk the most necessary but the most overlooked problem which is increasing day by day in the Indians and taking a deadly form is that problem is not any other old age, it is an old age seen in Indians. . Yes, we are talking about old age or aging, which has started to appear in the last few years in the Indians from a very early age.

To say that it is old enough to be old age, that is to be gray of white, hair fall, toothache, toothache, lack of strength in the body, daily weakness, loss of body etc. Problems like that are seen in Indians at a very young age. It is very necessary to think about this thing or to think about this problem. So let's talk about why these problems are coming out in the early age of Indians.

Indian environment: Although we talk about the Indian environment, it is known that how daily the Indian environment is so polluted and any kind of creature, whether it is human or organism, is not favorable for anyone in any way. , And these conditions are going on day by day and adversity and deteriorating. If the atmosphere is polluted, then the human hand is at the forefront of any kind of pollution, whether it is air pollution, water pollution, or else any other pollution, the Indian environment is polluted in every way. And this is the case of big metros of India, whether it is Delhi or Mumbai, due to which the normal life of the people has been badly affected and its impact has increased so much. That can be seen on human beings as their old age. Wrinking on the face, in this labor-intensive life, man has to do without wanting to face this environment and the effect of this polluted environment can be seen differently on the hair, face and body of a human being.

Consumption of excess water than necessary: ​​It is believed that drinking excessive water is beneficial and beneficial for our health, but do you know that if excessive water is drunk, it can also cause harm and physical problem. . Yes, rightly heard if you drink more water than you need, then this essential nutrient present in your body such as sodium and calcium is reduced due to urinary renunciation, and you will be old before time. Drinking water immediately after eating is not beneficial.

Food related problems: If talking about Indians' eating habits, then it can not be ignored that Indians are so fond of eating spices or Indian cuisine. This statement is true about Indians, "Spicy food should be digested whenever you want", then by this you can imagine how fond of Indian food for which they also play with their health and body, for which they Physical costs have to be paid. Another reason is that increasing daily food adulteration is also affecting the man's eating habits, which is causing damage to your body to the extent that you are beginning to look old and old before time.

Disorganized routine: In today's life, man has become so busy in his running and running life that he has no time left for himself. If a person is not able to properly meditate on his catering in such a busy routine, then it can be judged from where he can take time to exercise and physical activity and practice, whose side effects are rapidly It can be seen as a aging age and the person appears to be very early and inconvenient.

Stressful Life: In such a busy life, from morning to evening humans have to face mental stress with physical stress, due to which the ability to think of the brain decreases and the efficiency of the nervous system is also affected due to which Your ability to remember also has a bad effect. If seen in earlier times, this problem was seen in the people of the age of 70, but this problem is seen in Indians at the age of 40, which is a very serious problem.

Consumption of chemicals and medicines: It should be said that if the use of chemicals and medicines has become a necessity of human life, because humans have been so dependent on medicines that without the use of medicines and chemicals, due to the immediate results of these medicines, Etc., which is causing internal damage to it and making internally weak and old.

So you see how the Indian is losing its own life, and this evil and famine is calling for old age. Because of all this, the human being is experiencing an old age problem. If you want to fight these problems then you need to include a healthy routine and proper dietary system in your lifestyle.

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