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Rajgad Fort - History - Wiki -  Facts - Travel  know more at FastRead.in

Rajgarh fort is a hill fort located in Pune district of India. Known as "Murumdev", this fort was the capital of the Maratha Empire for more than 26 years. After which the capital was shifted to Raigad Fort. The Fort is located 42 km from the south west of Pune.

Rajgarh is witness to several important events in the recent Maratha empire. Between 1646 and 1647, Shivaji Maharaj had captured this fort along with Torna fort from Adilshah. Shivaji Maharaj restored the fort and then he named the fort 'Rajgarh'.
Rajgad Fort was bigger than Torna fort and it was very difficult to approach. Shivaji Maharaj rebuilt the forts with three soldiers (Maadu), which are called Suvela, Sanjivani and Padmavati Machi.

In many wars Rajgad had sent Mughal King Aurangzeb to his commander, Shahis Khan, to capture Rajgad in 1660, but he could not succeed.

In 1665 Mughal warlords attacked Rajgad but they could not succeed in a strong fight with the Marathas.

When Shivaji Maharaj was sent to the jail by the Mughals, he escaped from Agra on 12 September 1666, then he returned to Rajgad. Shivaji Maharaj's first son Rajaram was born on February 24, 1670.

After the death of Bal Sambhaji Maharaj in 1698, Rajaram Maharaj took control of Maratha empire by the hands of Aroungejib. In the period 1671-1672, Shivaji Maharaj transferred from Rajgarh to his capital Raigad and transferred all his works to Raigad from Rajgarh.

This fort has seen many major historical events in which the birth of Shivaji's son Rajaram, the death of his Queen Sai Baba, the graveyard of Afzal Khan's head in the walls of Balay Kila, the return of Shivaji from Agra and much more.

This fort was first occupied by Ahmed Bahri Nizam Shah and went to many hands including Shivaji Maharaj. After all, in 1818, Rajgarh came under the control of the British.

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