Rajiv Gandhi Biography in English

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Rajiv Gandhi Biography in English
  • Full name - Rajiv Firoz Gandhi
  • Birth - August 20, 1944
  • Birthplace - Bombay
  • Father - Feroze Gandhi
  • Mother Indira Gandhi
  • Education - studying engineering from Imperial College, London
  • Marriage - with Sonia

Rajiv Gandhi - Rajiv Gandhi came to Indian politics only after an unexpected death of Sanjay Gandhi in a plane crash Earlier, he was a pilot in Indian Airlines.

In 1981, he won the election of the Member of Parliament in Amethi and appointed the General Secretary of the Congress Party in 1983. After the brutal assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on October 31, 1984, he took oath as the caretaker Prime Minister.

By taking huge referendum in the general elections in 1985, he duly took charge of the Prime Minister.

The Jananardan sympathy was an important reason behind the massive majority in the General Elections of 1985, but another main reason for Rajiv Gandhi's ascension to the post of Prime Minister was his modern attitude and youthful zeal on various issues.

He was the first Prime Minister to talk about the release of Indian democracy from the power brokers. He also took away the corrupt bureaucracy. He first gave new slogans to the country by giving a slogan to 'the 21st Century' as a prosperous and mighty nation.

As Prime Minister, he announced the new education policy. Various types of commissions were constituted for industrial development of the country. Efforts have been made to give new direction and direction to science and technology and for the first time in the country 'Technology Mission' came into being as an institutional system. Introduced on the initiative of Rajiv Gandhi, his political comprehension of historic Punjab, Assam, Mizoram agreements. These agreements were crucial in the politics of the country.

In the international horizon, Rajiv Gandhi also emerged as a strong and efficient politician. During his reign, he traveled to many countries and raised diplomatic, economic and cultural relations with India.

In 1986, after the leadership of the Non-Aligned Movement came to India, giving clear and inefficient policies on many international issues, Rajiv Gandhi gave India a respectable place. India's initiative in the formation of Africa Fund for the Palestinian conflict, the conflict of South African people against apartheid, the Swapo movement, the support of Namibian independence and the assistance of African countries, has become the golden document of modern world history.

Rajiv Gandhi, while pressurizing the Maoist rebellion and compromising on the initiative to resolve Sri Lanka's ethnic problem, imposed a curb on the growing tactical intervention of the US, Pakistan and other countries in the Indian Ocean, and also make the world realize it. Given that India is an important power in this region, which can not ignore any power in the world. This made India a distinct identity in world politics. Together, Rajiv Gandhi was distinguished internationally.

But in the last two years of the prime ministership, due to his personal advisors, Rajiv Gandhi was surrounded by some such controversies, which deeply hurt his reputation. His image of 'Mr. Clean' was bleak. He became a center of critical criticism and as a result, his party could not get a full majority in the 1989 general elections.

In the elections of 1991, the public will make them victorious again with the majority. This trust and support from the public - being overwhelmed by affection, Rajiv Gandhi also broke the security cover. But know the rituals of rituals that only close to him knew that his close friend took his life.

50 km from Madras on May 21, 1991. Mr. Gandhi was a victim of a fierce bombing when he was defeating people in an election rally in Far Perumbudur. This well-planned conspiracy has erupted a youthful age and aspiration from the politics of the country forever, which shook the entire world masses, not only Indians but also shuddering inside.

Rajiv Gandhi's personality, who had the distinction of being the Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy at the youngest, was a symbol of gentleness, friendship and progress. His rise to the political horizon was unpredictable.

But after taking the young Prime Minister of such a large country on his shoulders, Rajiv Gandhi distinguished his image as a discriminative and dynamic politician by taking bold steps and adopting a clear vision towards burning problems. His obvious utterances and modern ideas soon gave him the term 'Mr. Clean'.

In nearly a decade of political life, Rajiv Gandhi left an indelible impression and went away from his country India forever, the Indian government has paid a tribute to the departed leader of the country, honoring him with the highest honor 'Bharat Ratna'.

Awards - highest honor 'Bharat Ratna'

Death - He died on May 21, 1991.

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