Interesting Facts About the Universe - Cosmic Calendar

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Interesting Facts About the Universe - Cosmic Calendar

There is no end to our universe or space, and it is expanding continuously. There are many galaxies in the universe, in which every galaxy has an arboretous star and the solar system, i.e. the space is very much Our earth is vastly similar to the dust particles in space. Let us know the interesting facts about the outer space or the universe

  • It is believed that the universe was born in a Big Bang about 14 billion years ago
  • It is believed that the vast universe was as much as the atomic unit before the Big Bang
  • The energy of this great explosion was so high that by which effect the universe is spreading till date
  • There is no center of the universe, since the Big Bang, the universe is constantly expanding
  • In 1966, Scientist George and Lemmaj gave the theory of Big Bang theory, according to which the universe became a small hole by becoming a black hole. After the rebalancing of the positive and negative forces, the universe is rebuilt by the explosion.
  • The creation of new stars in our universe and the splitting of stars in the universe runs steadily.
  • There are many galaxies or galaxies in the universe
  • There is also 'Dark Matter' and 'Dark Energy' in the universe.
  • If man is left in the universe or in space, he will be seen hanging there.
  • Sound trunks do not work in the universe because there is no air and no person will try to shout it loudly, its voice will not be heard anywhere.
  • When we reach the universe, we experience weightlessness. Q: Whenever we are on a planet, our weight is determined by the gravity of that planet as we are 60 kg on earth, due to the low force of the gravity of the moon, we There will be only 10 kilos but our mass is fixed in the entire universe, on which basis we get different weight on each planet.
  • To date, we have seen only a part of the universe in which the Hubble Telescope has helped us a lot.
  • Our scientist is constantly trying to know the new mysteries of the universe every day.

Cosmic Calendar

Our universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old. If this period is compressed in one year then we can easily guess the moment and the interval of all the important events and can understand the events of the universe.

To understand the duration and interval of all major events from the origin of the universe to the present, the famous astronomer Carl Sagan envisioned the 'Cosmic Calendar' and was mentioned in his book 'The Dragons of Eden' by Carl Sagan)

The estimated age of the universe in Cosmic Calendar is 13.8 billion compressed in 1 year, if the smallest unit of 1 year takes even seconds, then there are a total of 31536000 seconds in 1 year, in this way the Cosmic Calendar 1 second of the year is 437 years

  • 01 January 12:00 AM - Big Bang bangladesh (origination of the universe)
  • February 10 - The universe got its first molecule that was hydrogen
  • March 15 - The origin of the stars and the origin of the galaxies
  • 01 May - the origin of our galaxy Mandakini
  • 08 September - the origin of our sun
  • 09 September - the origin of our solar system
  • September 12 - The Origin of Our Earth
  • September 13 - The Origin of the Moon
  • September 20 - Earth's origin on Earth
  • 01 October - the origin of a cellular organism on the earth first
  • December 18 - The origin of multi-cellular organisms
  • December 19 - Birth of the first fish
  • December 21 - The origin of terrestrial plants and insects
  • December 23 - Birth of the first reptile (crawling)
  • December 24 - The Origin of Dinosaurs
  • December 26 - The origin of mammalian organisms
  • 27th December - the origin of birds
  • December 28 - the origin of flowering plants first
  • 30 December 06:24 AM - End of dinosaurs
  • 31 December 06:05 AM - Birth of monkeys
  • 31 December 10:24 PM - The birth of the primitive man
  • December 31, 11:59:59 PM - From the total history of humans till now Author Manisha Dubey JhaDear Reader, My name is Manisha Dubey Jha. I have been blogging for 3 years and through the Fast I have been giving important educational content as far as possible to the reader. Hope you like everyone, please share your classmate too. As a literature person, I am very passionate about reading and participating in my thoughts on paper. So what is better than adopting writing as a profession? With over three years of experience in the given area, I am making an online reputation for my clients. If any mistakes or wrong in the article, please suggest us @ [email protected]

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