Pratapgad Fort Wiki, Facts, History & more info...

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Pratapgad Fort Wiki, Facts, History & more info...

Pratapgarh fort is the largest fort in Maharashtra. This fort is located approximately 25 km from Mahabaleshwar in Satara district of Maharashtra and 1,080 meters from sea level. This fort was the site of Pratapgarh's battle, now it is a popular tourist destination.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the King of Maratha Empire, appointed his Prime Minister Moropant Trimbak Pingale to build Pratapgad Fort to protect the banks of the Nira and Koyna rivers. Construction of Pratapgad Fort was completed in 1596. Battle of Pratapgarh was fought between Maharaja Shivaji and Afzal Khan in 1659. This was Shivaji Maharaj's first victory.

Structure of Pratapgad Fort

Pratapgarh fort is divided into 2 parts. One of these is called upper fort, while the other is called less fortress. The upper fort was constructed on the top of a hill and it is approximately 180 meters long, which has many permanent buildings.

On the north-west side of the fort is the temple of Lord Mahadev, which is surrounded by rocks at a height of 250 meters. On the other side, the lower fort at the south-east end of the fort is rescued from high towers and strongholds, which is 10-12 meters high.

In 1661, Shivaji Maharaj was unable to visit the goddess Bhavani temple in Tuljapur. He decided to build a temple of Goddess in this fort. This temple is situated on the eastern side of the lower fort. This temple is made of stone, and it has a black stone statue of Goddess.

Pratapgad Fort Attractions -

The tomb of Afzal Khan: The tomb of Afzal Khan is the main attraction which is situated far away from the fort to south-east.

Entrance: The entrance is very beautiful and still in good condition.

Devi Bhavani Temple: This temple was originally built by Shivaji Maharaj and he established a beautiful statue of Bhavani Devi in ​​the temple. You can also see the sword of Hambirrao Mohit in the temple.

Above the fort, Shivaji Maharaj has built a memorial.

How to reach Pratapgad Fort ?

Road Trip: Pratapgad Fort is about 25 kms away from Mahabaleshwar. You can take an ST bus from Panvel to Poladpur. From Wada village, you can go to Fort Fort from 4-wheeler.

Railway Travel: Satara Railway Station located near Pratapgad Fort.

Air Travel: Karad Airport is the nearest airport located in Satara district. It is located around 125 kilometers from Pratapgarh.

Best time to travel

The best time to visit Pratapgad Fort and Mahabaleshwar is from October to June. The journey of Pratapgad Fort can be planned at any time of the year but during the monsoon, the beauty of this area is increased further.

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