Essay on TV Addiction in English in Very Simple Words for Kids

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Essay on TV Addiction in English in Very Simple Words for Kids

Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on TV Addiction in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams.


1 - Essay on TV Addiction - 200 Words

TV addiction is seen in people of all age groups. While television is a good source of entertainment and it can be used to avoid our regular problems, its addiction can prove to be harmful.

Television addiction is usually due to inability to handle poor social life and feelings well. This is also the result of boredom. While television temporarily presses these issues, in the long run, it only increases these problems. Addicted to television seem to remember social events and family celebrations to watch their favorite shows. They become emotionally dependent on television and suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they do not have access. They do not like to be involved in any other activity. They feel bored somewhere else.

There are many other negative consequences of TV addiction. Some of these are serious physical health problems due to randomized sleep patterns, depression, weak vision, headache, stressful relationships, and poor performance on work, lack of brain activity, issues of anger, social isolation and low physical activity.

Television addiction is a serious issue. If you watch TV several hours a day and you can not do it without a day, then you are addicted to it. You need to solve the problem immediately and before it can get rid of it, you have to take a toll on your life. There are several ways to overcome this addiction. You just need to stay strong and fight your way.


2 - Essay on TV Addiction - Disrupts Personal and Professional Life - 300 Words

Addiction to anything means to partially or completely stop other things in life. All addiction including TV addiction is bad. It disrupts one's personal and professional life and badly affects its health. Many people around the world are addicted to television and are wasting their lives.

TV addiction disrupts personal life

We need to spend quality time with our family members to make them healthy with them. A family with a friendly and healthy environment gives birth to happy and healthy children. Instead of talking to their family members, television addicts like watching TV. This disrupts normal family life.

As a person gets accustomed to a TV, he also loses a good equation with friends. She does not do much socialization and eventually becomes socially isolated. This is the reason for big concern. Television addiction is one reason why people are getting away from each other. People on television addicted may not realize this initially but they soon begin to feel lonely. Many of them also go into depression due to this addiction.

TV Addiction Hampers Professional Life

The person accustomed to the TV only wants to return home and wants to see anything on his favorite show or TV. Many times people remember important meetings, delay important tasks, and even take a leaf or half-day leave from their workplace to watch just the TV. This can be harmful to their career. However, they do not realize it. He cares about the fact that they arrive home early and sit in front of their television set.

People on TV are likely to perform poorly on the job because watching TV for a long time can reduce their ability to concentrate on their work.


Around the world, innumerable people are suffering from TV addiction. They are wasting their lives in exchange for transient pleasures. It is important to identify the cause of this addiction and to get rid of it for a better life.


3 - Essay on TV Addiction - Harmful for the Brain - 400 Words

Television addiction is very older than the internet and mobile addiction. This cable is popular after the advent of the cable. In earlier times, television shows were limited. Some shows were broadcast during the afternoon hours and during some evening hours. It was a good trend because it ensured the hours of watching limited TV.

However, cable TV was introduced soon and many channels came into existence. These channels broadcast various types of shows throughout the day and even at night. TV became one of the best sources of entertainment and many people joined it. The number of TV additives is increasing only by day.

TV addiction is harmful for the brain function

TV addiction affects the brain's functioning harmful. It has been observed that those who are addicted to TV are unable to concentrate. Their meditation period diminishes and their ability to concentrate falls to a great extent. Inability to maintain focus hinders learning ability. TV addicts are suffering from low gasping power.

It has been observed that children who suffer from TV addiction perform poorly in their exams. This is not just because they spend less time in studies but also because they are not able to concentrate and learn even during their studies. They are not able to concentrate even during class sessions and thus do not pay attention to important things.

Spending a lot of time watching television makes people forget too much. Apart from this, TV addiction can experience different negative emotions. It greatly affects our thinking and behavior. A person who sees suspense thrillers often doubts about everything and everyone. Similarly, a person who looks at emotional drama style becomes very emotional and is unable to control his emotions during real life situations.

A person who watches a horror often starts to do hallucinations and is constantly in fear of ghosts and spirits. A person who watches the news several hours a day develops negative thinking because most of it is full of crimes and accidents happening around the world. Therefore, the mind of the TV addict is programmed based on whatever it sees, which is not good. They are cut off in reality and live completely in a different world.

People who watch many TVs also have a high probability of suffering from depression. Depression urges them to watch more TVs because they do not feel too weak and lonely by doing so. So, this is a vicious cycle that one is unable to get out.


To conclude, we can say that TV addiction damages the brain to a great extent. It inhibits the all-round development of a person and causes various other issues. The problem should be resolved immediately to live a happy and prosperous life.


4 - Essay on TV Addiction - Ways to Get Rid of TV Addiction - 500 Words

TV addiction is as bad as any other kind of addiction. Television addiction is easy but it is difficult to overcome After introducing several new channels and interesting television shows regularly, this addiction is difficult to control. However, it is necessary to fix it on time because it is difficult to deal with the impact it has on a person's life.

Here are some ways to fix TV addiction:

Limit TV viewing time

Start by limiting your watching TV. Create a schedule that includes various activities you do during the day. When you minimize tasks, you understand how much you need to complete and a very short time to do so. Stay on your schedule to organize your day on a regular basis and limit your hours of watching your TV. This can prove to be an important step to get rid of TV addiction.

Spend time with family members

Your family members always crave for your love and attention. They are ready to do the same bath in abundance. It is more fun to spend time with the family and to fulfill the stupid than sitting in front of the box. When trying to eliminate your television addiction, it is suggested to seek help from family members. They will definitely support you in the cause. Try to spend more time with them to distract you from TV.

Limit your TV subscription

Most Direct-to-Home TV (DTH) operators allow you to select the channels you want to see and charge accordingly. It's best to unsubscribe those channels, which show twenty-seven to seven, especially those you are hooking up recently. You can also unsubscribe to some movie channels. Limiting the number of channels is a great way to limit the viewing time of your television.

Enrolled in a hobby class

Everyone has some kind of hobbies. Nomination is a good idea for that. It can be dance, painting, gardening or swimming. Join classes and see how much you like it. You will have a great experience of doing this and it will take your mind away from television.

Get out of your house

When you sit for long periods of time, you may be asked to watch the TV. Being involved in outside activities is a good idea. You can go shopping for taking things of daily needs. Similarly, you can go to meet a friend, go for a walk or just take your grandparents or children to the nearby park and spend time with them. Make such activities part of your daily schedule. This will help you stay away from television for a long time.


It is difficult to control the addiction of TV but you can do this with some efforts. Start by limiting the number of hours your television channel subscriptions and watching TV are in. Replace it with other activities that interest you. Also, do not hesitate to take help from your family and friends because you try to remove this serious addiction. Their love and support can be of great help.


5 - Essay on TV Addiction - 600 Words

TV addiction is an old problem that holds many people around the world. While most people are accustomed to some special shows, others sit in front of the TV only and keep scrolling on the channels for hours. They are so addicted to the stupid box that they ignore their work and other responsibilities.

TV addiction signs

Here are some signs and symptoms that are addicted to television:

  • Addicted to TVs spend many hours of the day watching television shows.
  • They keep surfing through different channels, though nothing good to see. They can not just keep the remote down and can not turn the TV off.
  • They leave important events and are cut down socially to watch their favorite shows.
  • They often ignore important tasks and take the loss of work / business due to this addiction.
  • Being deprived of watching TV they feel anxious, sad, bored and uncomfortable.

TV addiction among children

In earlier times, people lived in joint families. The children were fortunate enough to have their siblings and cousins ​​with whom they could play and talk with each other throughout the day. There were also uncle, aunt and grandparents around them that used to be involved in various activities throughout the day. Therefore, they are busy in most part of the day. But things have changed over time.

The growing tendency of the nuclear family system is one of the main causes of TV addiction in children. Both parents work to ensure a better lifestyle in most families. Children are often isolated and the easiest thing for companionship is a television.

Parents just turn on the television and set their children in front of them so that they can do their work peacefully. And before they know, their children are addicted to television. Television is easy to addiction but it is very difficult to control it.

Children who develop television addiction can not concentrate on their studies and perform poorly in their exams. They also develop behavioral issues and health problems. Parents need to make sure that they limit their child's watch time to TV It is important for mental well-being of children as well as for the physical well being of the children.

Impact of TV addiction

  • Television addiction is known due to behavioral issues. A person who is accustomed to TV can show signs of aggression. The reason for this is that many television streams show violent content.
  • Television addiction blurts the rational thinking ability. The thinking and behavior of a television addict is largely influenced by the kind of show that she often sees. Such people begin to act and respond accordingly.
  • Television abusers are not able to focus on their work. It has a constant urge to return to television and watch their favorite shows. Apart from this, this addiction also reduces brain activity, which results in poor performance.
  • Television addicts often dream and begin to live in a fantasy world. They cut off ties with reality.
  • Television addicts often complain of migraines and migraines.
  • Watching TV for hours can cause irreparable damage to the eyes. TV addicts often suffer from eyes with redness or itching eyes. Over time, their eyesight becomes weak.
  • Television addicts often separate themselves from society. This leads to depression over time.
  • As a result of television addiction, there are irregular sleep patterns. This causes lethargy and constraint.
  • Television addiction can cause tension in personal relationships. This is because TV addicts value television on their families.
  • Television addiction can reduce physical activity and as a result, various problems related to health such as obesity, diabetes, heart problems etc.


Television addiction is causing much harm to the society. It is stressing personal relationships, reducing the level of performance of the professionals and increasing the negative thinking among the public. This issue should be addressed seriously before it's too late. Author Manisha Dubey JhaDear Reader, My name is Manisha Dubey Jha. I have been blogging for 3 years and through the Fast I have been giving important educational content as far as possible to the reader. Hope you like everyone, please share your classmate too. As a literature person, I am very passionate about reading and participating in my thoughts on paper. So what is better than adopting writing as a profession? With over three years of experience in the given area, I am making an online reputation for my clients. If any mistakes or wrong in the article, please suggest us @ [email protected]

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