When the company took her out of her job as a mother, she opened her own company

When the company took her out of her job as a mother, she opened her own company

A lot of responsibilities are attached to a woman. She is a wife, mother and daughter and she tries to play all the relationships well. They come along with work to handle their family. But what happens when they have to get rid of their work when they become a mother.

If a woman becomes a mother then she is asked to leave the company. Even after this, he does not accept the defeat and makes his own company and gives him the name "Almitra sustainables". This is the story of Mumbai's Annamika Sengupta, whose mother became the mother of the company, told them that you will not be able to focus in the work and they will be removed.

Anamika Sengupta Founder of Almitra Sustainables

The mother of Annamika, living in a small area of ​​Dombibali in Mumbai, always wanted her daughter to read and write. Ankamika grew up in a small room and explained his mother's education and taught Anamika a lot.

They had to read books from the wasteful people, because they did not have the money to buy a book. After this, in the class eight, Annamika opened her own library and started paying rent to the children.

Anamika did a good job and after graduation she got a job in a multinational company. Anamika was working as an HR in this company and she was an intense experience of eight years when she was 30 years old. Growth was such that the company made him global recruitment head and got great money.

In the meantime, Anamika had a boyfriend and he decided to get married and started his next life. After the marriage, when she became a mother, her company changed her voice to Anamika. Anamika was asked to leave the company. The reason behind this was their becoming a mother. The company said that now you will not be able to pay much attention to work, and finally Annamika had to leave the job and she started taking care of the child in the house.

Such an idea came from Idea-

The idea of ​​opening his own company came for the same reason, because of which he was released from the company. They saw that the rap used to change the clothes of children is imported from the US. They thought that such a big country comes from India and so little thing comes from America.

That's what he started to do his job. Anamika contacted small local handicraftsmen and started making rap. Gradually the product started selling and they named it "Almitra Sustainable" Anamika Promoting it with the help of Facebook.

A campaign to save the environment- Annamika began to think of taking her own work forward but she also felt that the environment would be polluted. Because almost the products were used in plastic. That is why Anamika started to make the rest of the products with the help of bamboo. In today's time Anamika is making bamboo straw, toothbrush and many things. Anamika's company's work is growing and its name along with it too.

"From the story of Anamika we learn that when a woman becomes a mother then becomes not stronger but stronger than before".

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