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Essay on Social Media Addiction in English in Very Simple Words @

Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Social Media Addiction in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams.


1 - Essay on Social Media Addiction - 200 Words

Social media addiction has become a cause for concern. It is hindering the student's education and is affecting their grades. Work has also become a hindrance to the domestic manufacturers as well as the work-makers. This relationship is also causing problems and is leading to issues such as anorexia and depression.

Rather than joining the social media and connecting with close friends, people have started competing with them. They want to post better photos and status updates than others and want their profiles to be the best. Social media addicts spend most of their time thinking about how they can make their profile better than others.

Social media addicts also continually urge to scroll through social media platforms. They refresh their information, stop people's profiles, update their status, upload their pictures often and keep commenting here and there.

Many social media sites like Facebook also offer to play several games. These games are all addictive. Players try to compete with other players in their friend list. They spend most of their time playing these games to increase their level and score. They become angry and frustrated when they are not able to get it.

Symptoms of social media addiction should be identified and the problem should be addressed before very late.


2 - Essay on Damaging Young Minds - Social Media Addiction - 300 Words

If used correctly, social media is a good thing, but if someone gets accustomed to it then it can be equally harmful. Unfortunately, more and more people, especially young people are becoming accustomed to social media and it is harming their mind.

Craze for approval

Social media platforms allow us to share photos, videos and status updates while revealing what is going on in our lives. They basically give us the opportunity to be proud of ourselves. We want to look good and feel good about ourselves and want to show it to the world. A research done at Harvard University reveals that talking about ourselves makes us feel happy and high.

Social media helps in influencing it. We post the best photos and discuss a lot about yourself and your family on social media. We try to show as much fun as we are in our life. However, it is not like that. We, then, want acceptance of others. We want to see how many people like us, what we are doing in life.

It feels even better when people give good comments on our pictures and status updates. Social media addicts look crazy for others' approval in their list. It gives them a high when someone talks about them well, which is quite natural. The problem is that they feel stressed and sad when people do not accept or prefer those who upload online.

Feeling of jealousy

The feeling of jealousy is one of the worst feelings which someone can experience. Rather than being satisfied with what they have, young social media abusers try to copy others and feel jealous when they are not able to get it. They live in jealousy and anguish. The feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration often overwhelm them. They do not feel good about themselves and their lives and often go into depression.


The youth should think about their careers and focus on their studies, but instead they are trapped in largely wasteful activities on social media sites. This not only hinders their personal development but also hinders the development of the nation as a whole.


3 - Essay on A Big Social Problem - Social Media Addiction - 400 Words

Social media sites work as a platform to connect with our friends and relatives. We share our happiness as well as the sad moments on the social media platform so that we can know our friends list how we are feeling and what we are doing in life. People like our status updates and photos and comment on them that they tell us how they feel. This is a great way to socialize in this busy world. It makes us feel that everyone we love and want to be in touch with is just a click away. However, social media becomes a problem when we become addicted to it.

Many people living in different parts of the world are suffering from social media addiction and its results are suffering.

Social Media Addiction: Cutting Us From The Society

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can help us connect with our distant relatives and long-lost friends, but the addiction of social media is taking us away from our immediate family and close friends. People connected to social media are tilted on these platforms for hours. They do not care if their loved ones are sitting with them or trying to negotiate. They all care about who updated on social media and how many people liked or commented on their post.

Social media abusers often check updates / notifications on social media platforms. This can happen continuously as it happens twenty-thirty times in one hour. Seeing a new notification is especially high if they include their posts. On the other hand, its lack can make them feel unhappy and depressed.

All that social media addiction is to maintain an attractive social media profile. They are mostly seen by clicking on photographs during the gateway with most social programs, family celebrations and even friends. They hardly enjoy the moment or talk to the people around. They are focused solely on collecting photographs that can be uploaded on their social media accounts or are busy checking and commenting on their status updates in their friend list.

They post updates saying they are enjoying with their family or having fun with their friends while in reality they do not even talk properly to anybody nearby. This is the serious truth of the social media junkie people. Even when they are around people, even then their mind is hit by the social media platform.


Social media addiction is becoming a major problem. It is ironic that a forum designed to help people socially is actually cutting them off from the society.


4 - Essay on Ways to Overcome of Social Media Addiction - 500 Words

Social media is a great way to connect with our friends and relatives living in distant places. It is also a great place to meet people of similar thinking, promote our business, follow our favorite celebrities, increase our knowledge and see what is happening around the world. However, excessive use of social media can have negative consequences. Many people become accustomed to social media and this has an impact on the normal functioning of their lives.

Social media addiction: growing day by day

Social media has brought the world closer. There are social media accounts of people of different age groups around the world. While many social media users keep their profiles less important, others keep it updated. There is another category of social media users. These people post almost everything that happens in their lives on their social media accounts and spend most of their day scrolling on different pages on social media sites. They have profiles on all their social media platforms and they are addicted to them.

With every passing day, the number of social media addicts is increasing. That's because the social media platform is bringing many new and interesting ways to keep people from being bullied and complacent.

Ways to Overcome Social Media Addictions

It can be difficult to remove the addiction of social media at once, although you can do very little effort over time. Here are some ways to overcome social media addiction:

Limit time

There are apps that help you limit the time spent on different apps on your mobile. They send alerts when you are over time to use a particular application. It's a good idea to download an app like this to limit the use of your social media. You can gradually reduce this time.

Stop notifications

Turn off notifications for all your social media platforms on your phone. When you know that you have not been notified about any new updates, you will not wait for your phone to beep, nor will you request to see the notification continuously. There will be no disturbance and you will be able to concentrate better on work at hand.

Delete app

It is suggested that you remove some social media apps from your phone and be active only on some of them. Also, do not keep these apps on your home screen. This simple trick can take a long way to overcome your social media addiction.

Spend time with family and friends

Keep your phone separate when you are with your family and friends. Talk to them, engage in activities you enjoy and listen to all those who have to say them. Plan to spend as much time with them as you try to remove the addiction of your social media. It can serve as a good distraction from the false world that you have created.

Indulged in your favorite activity

Identify the activities you love most. It can be dance, gardening, singing, walking or something else for that matter. To keep your mind off of social media, engage in these activities for one or two hours every day.


Social media addicts display compulsory behavior. They often separate from the real world and become socially separated. To live a happy and healthy life it is important to recognize and remove this problem.


5 - Essay on Symptoms and Consequences of Social Media Addiction - 600 Words

Social media addiction is a real problem and it has serious consequences. Many people around the world are accustomed to social media platforms and it is also getting heavier on their personal and business life. They are not only wasting their lives but also affecting the lives of the people around them.

Symptoms of Social Media Addiction

Some of the features of social media addicts have been discussed in detail below:

Urge to check consistent information

Social media addicts continually urge to check notifications on their social media accounts. They often see their phones whether there is a new notification or not. They feel happy seeing a new notification and when someone does not feel sad

Social media all over

Social media addicts give priority to social media on everything in their life. This is the first thing they check in the morning and the last thing they see before going to bed. Their work, friends and family - everything and everyone takes a rear seat.


Social media abusers waste time in useless activities on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. They delay or delay the actual actions that they are required to complete during the day.

Internet connection requirement

Wherever they go they need an internet connection because they have to check their social media updates every few minutes. They feel restless at places that do not have good internet connectivity.

Not interested in real conversations

Social media addicts may be physically present with you but they will not be involved in any conversation with you. They are busy scrolling through different social media platforms because it is the only thing in which they are interested. Instead of connecting with people through these platforms, they prefer to be connected to any other medium.

Social Media Addiction Results

Here are the results of social media addiction:

Productivity declines

A person accustomed to social media ignores his work. He is constantly busy updating his social media profile and improving and making others' profiles online. Social media becomes its priority and it starts neglecting its work. Social media addicts often come late in the office, leave important meetings and are unable to complete the deadline for work. Their productivity decreases according to the day.

Social isolation

Social media addicts do not like to socialize by sitting face to face. They like to interact with people on social media platforms. They often miss social events or go there to click on the pictures to upload to their profile. They hardly interact with people or enjoy during such events. Gradually, they become socially weird and different.

Impact on academic performance

Students who become addicted to social media are badly affected. This addiction causes them to obstruct their studies. Their academic performance declines. They lose interest in sports and other activities too. Their future is at stake.

Stress and Depression

Social media addicts constantly want some new activity on their social media profiles. This is practically not possible. While many people are active on social media, we can not expect them to like or comment on their updates all the time. When they do not see any new notifications, the addicts of social media become anxious and tense. They also suffer when people do not like their pictures or get more likes to others. Many of them go into depression over time.

Health issues

People with social media addicted often experience weak vision and migraine. They also avoid physical activities and this leads to health problems like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


It is necessary to keep a check on the time you spend on social media platforms. If you request to check the information / updates repeatedly, you should take it as a warning signal. There are many ways to overcome this addiction and you should adopt them to lead a better life. Author Manisha Dubey JhaDear Reader, My name is Manisha Dubey Jha. I have been blogging for 3 years and through the Fast I have been giving important educational content as far as possible to the reader. Hope you like everyone, please share your classmate too. As a literature person, I am very passionate about reading and participating in my thoughts on paper. So what is better than adopting writing as a profession? With over three years of experience in the given area, I am making an online reputation for my clients. If any mistakes or wrong in the article, please suggest us @ [email protected]

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