Speech on Importance of Trees in our Lives in English in Very Simple Words

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Speech on Importance of Trees in our Lives in English in Very Simple Words

Here we have provide long and short speeches in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. - Speech on Importance of Trees in our Lives - which are widely written and easy to understand. If you are a student, than, here you can find Speech in English language for 1st to 12+ class or IAS/IPS, Banking and other competitive exams students.


1 - Speech on Importance of Trees in our Lives

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen - I hope you did not have any inconvenience to go to the venue!

As I stand here, I want to express my gratitude to all of you for coming to the support of this program and making it bigger. As you all know, we are facing great environmental problems due to various factors and the main reason for this is the large number of trees. Something useful in the form of a tree which gives us a lot and nothing in return, what do we do with these trees? We suck its entire life - we break fruits, vegetables, live under its shadow and make medicines with its therapeutic properties and what does not. Unfortunately, in the end, we deprive a tree of its time of life, cut it and earn money by selling wood etc. Is it not terrible and a great injustice to our humble nature?

This continuous erosion of trees has become a serious issue of deforestation. Now what do we mean by deforestation? This means that converting forest land into non-forest people for uses such as construction, agricultural land, grassland and barren land or logging area. Deforestation causes serious imbalance in our ecosystem and causes our biodiversity as well as decline in housing. Mining, urbanization, logging and agricultural activities are some adverse effects of deforestation.

It goes without saying that trees are an important natural wealth and they provide us with countless things like fruits, nuts and vegetables. We also use their wood to build our homes and make furniture. In fact, there are now many timber companies that have their own tree farms so that they can plant new trees in place of the trees they cut. Thus, the use of trees is limited to relatively small areas so that natural forests can be enriched. When population increases, demand for timber and other tree-manufactured products increases. Therefore, timber industry is required to ensure sufficient trees to meet the demand and allow people to take advantage of well-administered forestry.

It goes without saying that till planting trees, from maintaining ecological balance, giving health benefits to us, there are many benefits for psychological treatment as well as financial benefits. Plantation and maintenance of trees certainly reduces energy costs, reduces pollution and enhances the appeal of the cost of one place and one property. Since color green has a calming effect, it also helps you to really get out of stress faster. So if the trees do a lot for us, then it becomes our responsibility to take care of their maintenance and give them proper sunshine, water and shade.

All this is what I have to say about the importance of trees in our lives. Let's take a pledge to grow more trees and come out in support of our nature.



2 - Speech on Importance of Trees in our Lives

Hello everyone - how are you all? I hope you find this day in the best spirit!

I - Manisha Dubey - all of you are welcome in our seminar room. As you all know, our ABC Foundation has been actively working for the environment for the last decade and fortunately we have got very good recognition for our work. In the last decade of our active work, we have tried to achieve our targeted goals; Although there is still a lot to be done yet More than ensuring the security of our nature, we have worked towards changing the mindset of the people and I sincerely hope our organization is able to do so much. Because if the mindset of people is not changed, then how much we waste out of our environment and our nature.

It is a time when each of us realizes the importance of saving our nature otherwise it would be an irreparable harm to our environment, where no one will escape. Nature also takes revenge and when it does, it creates a huge catastrophe. History is near!

Therefore, we have launched this campaign to save the growing trees and our environment once again. With the help of this campaign, we intend to spread greater awareness among the people and wherever we see an empty piece of land, they want to use their habit of tree plantation.

Trees, ladies and gentlemen, are a very important part of our planet which provides us enough benefits. It has various facets, such as environmental, social, communal and economic. In my speech, I want to cite the most important benefits of trees in my life. They provide us everything that is essential for meaningful existence like food, air, cloth, house, beauty and energy. The advantages of trees are the following and therefore they become very important for our lives -

The trees clean the air

When trees talk about purifying our environment, they absorb all pollutants, such as ozone, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, etc. and we must know that the clean environment reduces the disease rate to a great extent. .

Trees give us oxygen

Even a child knows the fact that trees give us oxygen, which is very important for our survival. Trees are the only source of oxygen for us, so we should better protect them.

Trees protect us from harmful ultra-violet rays

As we know that ultra-violet rays are very harmful to us and can cause diseases like skin cancer, trees help us reduce the risk of UV-B by up to 50% from harmful rays .

Trees provide food

It is one of the most obvious benefits of trees, that is, it not only provides food to other living beings, such as birds and animals, not only us.

Therefore, come, join hands in this effort to save the trees and protect our environment from every possible harm.


3 - Speech on Importance of Trees in our Lives

Hello everyone - how are you all?

Friends, like we are running a campaign on Paid Children, Paid Lago, I considered it important to talk about the importance of trees in my life and made people realize that they caused great damage to our environment by cutting trees and not paying Pay attention to them.

I can safely say that the importance of trees in our lives is the same as our family. I would not be surprised when I say 'like our family'! Trees are no doubt an important source of oxygen as well as natural air filters are working. Apart from this, they are the source of fruits and vegetables for humans, birds and animals. They also provide shelter to birds and are like an object playing for monkeys, birds and children. In essence, trees are very essential for our environment and our meaningful existence.

Trees produce oxygen and are a source of life for living beings

We can easily understand the importance of trees if we are related to the fact that oxygen is important for our existence. As you know we can not imagine our life without oxygen for 3 minutes, so we need to enable the surrounding trees to breathe oxygen and if we grow more trees So only oxygen can be produced. Apart from this, we need food for our existence, which comes from the same source. Trees are also capable of stopping soil erosion and mud flow. This is the reason that the farmers grow various trees around their farm.

Trees lay the foundation of a healthy life

In addition to giving us food, shelter and shelter, trees also play a very important role in protecting against harmful effects of pollution. More trees will give us a pollution free environment by monitoring the increasing levels of harmful gases like CFCs and carbon dioxide, including other pollutants. In fact, if the environment is pollution free and there is fresh air to breathe, human life may be longer. Trees play a big role in the preparation of medicines. In short, they lay the foundation of a healthy life.

Trees calm our mind and give us peace of mind

This can not be argued because we have seen it ourselves that when we are surrounded by plants and trees we feel relaxed and positive. They have a very pleasing effect on our mind, body and soul. This is why people often travel to enjoy natural beauty and feel like becoming a recluse.

Therefore, when we can take so much from them, then it also becomes our responsibility to give them back. We have to cooperate with environmental supporters, such as NGOs and communities dedicated to plantation and to ensure their protection. Also, we should contribute to our efforts in government policies and make them successful. It is high time when we all have to come forward in the support and protection of trees.

Friends, all this is from me, here I relax my speech! Thanks!


4 - Speech on Importance of Trees in our Lives

Dear principals, dear teachers and my dear students - Congratulations to all of you!

I - Mr. RK Bansal, Class Teacher of Class (IX - B) - feels very proud to be part of this wonderful educational institution because it not only believes in keeping a strong foundation of academic excellence of students, but also an overall Ensures development where they not only ensure their own growth and development, but also give society back. My dear students, our school is going to participate in this great effort with other schools around us, which is called Pad Bachao, Paid Lago.

As a teacher, I feel that major changes can be started from the school where students can be taught to do the right thing in the right year from the foundation of the foundation. Therefore, growing and protecting trees is a noble task, which we need to start and people become part of this campaign.

Before you all become part of this campaign, let's understand how and how trees have importance in our lives:

Trees work as carbon sinks

A lot has already been said about this and I want to repeat the fact that the trees work as carbon sinks by closing carbon dioxide in their roots, woods and leaves. This carbon is not so prevalent in our environment, which can cause harm to it.

Trees work as windmill

During the cold and windy weather conditions, the trees planted on the edge of trees actually work as a windbreaker. An air flow can bring down our house's heating bills to a great extent up to 30 percent and effectively reduce snow droplets. Due to drying of soil due to lack of air, the vegetation behind windbreake also decreases; This way ensures the precious topsoil retains its place.

Trees combat soil erosion

As we all know, the control of erosion always starts with such projects of planting trees and grass. The roots of the trees retain the soil and their leaves break the force of air and reduce the effect of the rain on the soil. Thus, trees face soil erosion, preserve the rain water, and after the storms, keep an eye on the sediment deposits as well as the drainage of water.

Trees provide shade and give cooling immediately

If we receive shade under a tree, it automatically gives cooling effect on our body. Is not it? When we shake with trees, we do not even feel the need for air conditioners in the summer season. During summers, the trees reduce the temperature level and in the winter they break the force of strong winds. According to some studies, there are cities which are in the absence of trees and its shadows are turning into hot islands in which the temperature is 12 degrees higher than neighboring areas.

In the end, I just want to say that trees are boon for mankind and they are the real protectors of life. They nourish us and maintain our lives. Therefore, we should ensure their safety and put them in abundance.

With this, I relax my speech. Thanks!

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