Stop the existing and start living happier - How to Change Your Life Completely?

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Stop the existing and start living happier - How to Change Your Life Completely?

If you are reading this post, then you may be going through the same emotional crisis. Your life looks boring and every day looks like a decade. The same old routine, the same old stuff, the same old place, and the same old food to talk about.

If there is nothing around you that feels excited and revived, then it is a good time to completely change your life.

Just because there is no way of living this life! But believe us, this is not the end. You can re-adopt your life by making some small changes in your daily routine. Here is a lesson to learn the key lessons of life and to roll the ball in order to get a better, vibrant life, which looks bright even when you have unlimited challenges to experience.

So, how about it? If this question comes to your mind then it is fine. And the good thing is that I can tell you about the best ways to completely change your life. But before I start, I first want to clear the gap between living and present.

Living vs. Existing - Learn what the difference is

I think the biggest difference between living and living comes from the level of control of your life decisions. So, where does this control come from?

Generally speaking, if you are experiencing that everything is beyond your control and it is difficult to identify a path for their work, then it is close to the present. This is because, because of such feelings, emotions play a major role.

A person who understands such feelings well, controls them and does not allow these feelings to interfere in their decisions, is close to living their lives.

Another difference between the present and the living is within the sense of being entangled around negativity around the factor. If you find yourself trapped in the same, boring job for years, you can develop feelings of sadness and dissatisfaction. Such fears may have trapped you and you will never have a plan to get out. In a way, you will lose all hopes and work fearless for most of the time.

But if you are not allowing such fears to control your life, then most of the time, you will take such action which will make his life better. They keep working such that they will maintain their relationships in life. Even they try to do different things. Apart from this, they never suppress their dreams, and therefore, are always surrounded by positivity.

If you do boring things every day, even when you do not feel like doing them, then you are just present. You are not making any effort to improve your life. This is because they do not want to break their comfortable lifestyle. The reason for this is that they have no control over their decisions.

So, you see that there is a great difference between existing and living. If you are stuck in the speed of the current and are looking for ways to change your life and move from existence to life, then examine these approaches.

Before you read this post and find ways to completely change your life, first take a deep breath and relax your senses. Now start reading ways one by one and by the end of this post, you will identify ways to move from the current stage to the live stage.

Here's a video that helps you to completely change your life in 30 days.

How to change your life forever?

1. Exit negative phase:

Maybe you go through a lot of failure and disappointment, but it does not structure your future. Do not let negative feelings play around you!

If your inner voice says that, no, I can not, 'then you need to highlight your inner self and move towards a positive side. If your previous efforts have not delivered you with anything good, then it is time that you stop them once.

Just build your confidence, set small goals and look for smaller challenges. Once you start achieving small goals, you will gain confidence and gain positiveness.

2. Do not allow distance to be a problem for you:

If you feel sad and unhappy about your life just because you are not able to make distances, then you are making a big mistake.

Do not limit yourselves within proximity! Visit another place to see your favorite destination. Do not let the distance in your way. Do not just write your best relationships because they are of long distance.

If you are feeling bored, just pack your bags and explore the natural wonders of your region and state. Visit those places where you have not gone before.

3. Stack up all your good things to feel better:

Maybe, you are not the most challenging task. But if you are doing something in this troubled economy and earning money, you should be grateful for it.

On top of this, if you have someone to love, to enjoy the family and have some good friends, then you should be really happy about it. All you have is good. Just think about those great things every morning and be grateful for it regularly. Just every positive of your life

4. Feel the feeling of being taken for 'Wipe off':

Most people who contemplate the current, but are not alive, have a common sense. The things given for this given is realized. '

Most of the time, we take blessings in our lives. We fail to think about those good things that we have and which other people do not have. Rather, we focus only on a handful of stuff, which is lacking in our lives. As a result, we have avoided unpleasant and terrible feelings.

If you are taking things, then reconsider two aspects:

  • Positiveness always overturns the negative
  • You have a lot of great work to do and a lot of people are there

Think about them, be grateful, and start enjoying your life.

5. Learn to say 'no' and stop doing things you do not want to do:

Sometimes being humble and helpful to others can be a big pain. In this way, people will be left out of nothing bad about you, but you will also expect support and service from your end. It can be a disappointing feeling.

Therefore, it is good to say those things as 'NO', which you do not want to do. There is no need to be rude but learn to be honest and genuine. Rather than meeting others' expectations, it is better to think about yourself. There is no harm in being a little selfish. Just make sure that you do not hurt anyone physically or emotionally while doing this.

6. Stop believing yourself dumb:

If you are appreciating your wisdom or are very polite, then others will have a chance to make fun of you. In a way, it will make you feel bad about yourself.

If others judge you and expose your weak points, then this does not mean that you do not have any good things. They can tell you about their intimacy and insecurity of themselves.

Therefore, stop thinking about the fear of misunderstanding. If they do not understand you, then this is their fault, not yours!

7. Discover live for a purpose:

Believe it or not, but we all are born to fulfill one cause and one purpose.

The sooner you get your objective, the better it is to make big changes in your life. Think about all the things that are good and give you the most satisfaction. Doing such things will make you feel happy and happy. Even so, these things can be your keys to be happy.

So, find the way you feel happy. The search for a purpose will ensure that your life is moving on the right path. Even this will make you feel better about what you are currently doing. Consequently, you will enjoy your life. Therefore, if you want to make your life more enjoyable then it is better that you start living with one purpose.

8. Take small steps at a time:

Action is important, even if you take small steps, things will change.

If you have a dream to accomplish it, it will not come to you. You have to go out, have to work hard and eventually you will be able to achieve it.

If you do not take a step then you will never be able to move towards your dream. As a result, it will always stay away from you.

For example, I was working on an executive job and always dreamed of working in Los Angeles with a great pay. Besides my hard work, I have to be patient and after 10 years I have had a great opportunity to do my dream job.

Remember, if you are taking small steps, then you are going away from the boundaries and challenges. Do not try to cover the gap in just one day. Take one step at a time. Slowly and continuously you will fulfill your dreams.

9. Find happiness in things, even if they are not rewarded:

If your boss has not approved your holidays, it does not mean that your life has ended. There are so many things that you can do and find fun.

Identify the things that make you happy and you do not need approval from your boss. Do not think twice and start following them. The more you do this kind of stuff, the better will feel. Apart from this, it will make you feel better as being a person and not only being an employee.

10. Stay away from those who harm your life:

If there are some who have harmed your life, then the best way is to remove all the problems and stay away from such people.

If possible, go to the place where the disturbing memories will not follow you.

Just open your mind on the door of positivity and relax a great time in the new environment.

If it is not possible to change the place then it is wise to spend the least amount of time with such people. Gradually, your negative environment will start changing in a positive environment.

11. Connect yourself to God:

Another great and simple way to bring peace to you is to connect with God.

Being spiritual will bring a sense of peace, which is a big step towards positive thinking. Apart from this, it will erase various negative emotions like disappointment, anger, regret, and more. The practice of meditation and emotion associated with God brings positiveness from within.

12. Schedule Schedule U Time on Daily Basis:

You can set the time for all the important things. But do you set the time for yourself?

If not, then surely you will feel stressed and sad after some time.

Set some time to do things you like to do. Do whatever you want to do otherwise you will never be able to give priority to things.

13. Be honest with others:

Being straightforward and honest is two different things.

Your honesty can make others feel bad about a certain thing, but it will always make you feel happy about yourself. In this way, you will never feel the burden and will remain with such negative feelings.


14 Steps To Really Start Living And Stop Existing

1. Quit that job you have been going to for years with a morose face

2. Stop breathing for someone else

3. But, be closer to people you love

4. Respect your originality

5. Make that call. Make that arrangement.

6. Ditch worrying about things that aren’t in your control

7. Don’t let your dreams die out simply because they require the kind of money you don’t own

8. But on your way to realizing dreams, don’t forget to embrace the NOW.

9. But, don’t get stuck in the NOW.

10. Especially, the toxic moments. The sooner you run away from them, the better.

11. Be nice.

12. Really, really listen to your heart.

13. Speak up before it is too late

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