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Chittaranjan Das Biography

Chittaranjan Das, popularly known as Desabandhu In an Indian politician and British rule, Bengal was the founding leader of the Swaraj Party. Who sacrificed all his life for the country's freedom. And till the last mother-in-law, the British fought with power.

Introduction of Chittaranjan Das

Full name - Chittaranjan Bhuvanamohan Das
Birth - 5 November 1870
Birthplace - Kolkata
Father - Bhuvanmahan
Mother - Nivarini Devi
Education - AD Presidency College, Kolkata, B.A., 1890
In 1892, the title of barrister in London, London.
Marriage - with Vasantethi (in 1897)

Chittaranjan Das was related to the Das family of Telirbagh (Bedya-Brahmin) in Bikrampur, Dhaka (present-day Bangladesh). He was the nephew of Bhuvan Mohan Das and Brahma social reformer Durga Mohan Das. His brothers and sisters include Satish Ranjan Das, Sudhi Ranjan Das, Sarla Roy and Lady Abla Bose. His eldest grandson Siddhartha Shankar Rai and his grandson's name are Manjula Bose.

In England, Chittaranjan Das completed his studies and became a barrister. His social career started in 1909 when he defended him for opposing the involvement of Aurobindo Ghosh in the alipore bomb case last year. Later in his speech, Aurobindo praised Chittaranjan Das and said that Chittaranjan had protected him without worrying about his health.

Das was one of the main leaders of Bengal during the Non-Cooperation Movement between Bengal, 1919-1922. He also strongly opposed British clothing. Contrary to this, he himself burnt the European clothes and started wearing khadi clothes. At one time his clothes were stitched and washed in Paris and in Paris he had also set up a laundry for the shipping of his clothes in Calcutta. But when Das got involved with the freedom movement, he had abandoned all these facilities.

He also pulled a newspaper forward and later changed his name to Liberty to fight the British Raj. When Calcutta Municipal Corporation was established, Das became the first Mayor. He had complete faith in nonviolence and legal methods. He believed that we can get freedom on the basis of these and can bring unity in Hindu-Muslim too. Later, he also founded the Swarajya Party in 1923, together with Motilal Nehru and Yuvi Hussein Shahid Suhrawardy. So that they can bring their ideas to the public.

His ideas and his greatness led his disciples forward, and in particular Subhas Chandra Bose started to follow his own ideas.

Considering his patriotic thoughts, he was given the name of Deshbandhu. He was completely connected to Indian society and used to write poetry and inspired many people with his numerous articles and essays. He married Basanti Devi (1880-1974) and also had three sons, Aparna Devi (1898-1972), Chiranjan Das (1899-1928) and Kalyani Devi (1902-1983).

Basanti Devi along with Chittaranjan Das also assisted in the freedom movement. His sister-in-law Urmila Devi was the first woman to be arrested in the Non-Cooperation Movement in 1921. Basanti Devi, on the strength and zeal of all, had become a known face of the freedom movement. Netaji used to call Subhas Chandra Bose as his mother.

Due to continuous work in 1925, Chittaranjan Das's health gradually started to deteriorate, and therefore he decided to separate for some time and started living in his house built in Darjeeling, where Mahatma Gandhi also frequently Used to see. On June 16, 1925, he had died due to high fever. A special arrangement was made to carry his dead body to Calcutta by train.

His last rites were performed by Gandhiji in Calcutta and he had said that:

"Deshbandhu was one of the country's greatest patriots ... he had dreamed of independent India ... and he used to speak for India's independence and nothing was in his life .... His heart also did not discriminate between Hindus and Muslims, and I would like to include Goro as well, they did not discriminate with any person. "

Thousands of people were present in their last visit and they were torched in Koratala Mahasamasan, Calcutta. Only by looking at thousands of people present in the last journey, we can estimate how many people would respect them, even the people had given them the title of "Deepten King of Bengal". After his death, Rabindranath Thakur, the Worldwoman, expressing innocence and reverence towards him wrote that -

“एनेछिले साथे करे मृत्युहीन प्रान।
मरने ताहाय तुमि करे गेले दान।।”

Chittaranjan Das, considered to be the title of Deshbandhu, was an effective leader of the Indian independence movement. Chittaranjan Das was sincere and humble in nature. He abandoned his wonderful life. He was a realistic leader. He was called Deshbandhu because of his unwavering love for the country. He was the favored of his theorists, true patriots and humanist religion. Always remember his contribution in India's history.

Introduciton of Chittaranjan Das at a glance

  • In the Parliament of England, Chittaranjan Das campaigned for the election of Indian delegate to Dadabhai Naoroji, in which Dadabhai got married.
  • this. In 1894, Chittaranjan Das advocated the Kolkata High Court.
  • this. In 1905, Chittaranjan Das established the Swadeshi Mandalak.
  • this. In 1909, in the Alipore Bombay case, Arvind Ghosh contested and fought in the court. Therefore, Arvind Ghosh has got an exemption.
  • this. In the year 1914, he started the Bengali language weekly named 'Narayan'.
  • this. In 1917, the Bengal Provincial Council was the Chairman of the Council.
  • this. 1921 and c. In 1922, he was the President of the Indian National Congress in Ahmedabad.
  • Chittaranjan Das established the Swarajya Paksha with Motilal Nehru and Madan Mohan Malaviya.
  • They started writing articles in 'Forward' daily, they published it.
  • this. In 1924, he became the president of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation.

Specialty: He gave all his property to the Medical College and Women's Hospital. That is why people began to recognize him as 'Deshbandhu' by this name.

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