Both green coriander leaves and seeds increase the taste of food. It is one of the spices used in the kitchen. By adding cumin seeds, mint " property="og:description">

Both green coriander leaves and seeds increase the taste of food. It is one of the spices used in the kitchen. By adding cumin seeds, mint " property="og:description">

72 Great Benefits of Coriander and its Divine Medicinal Experiments

72 Great Benefits of Coriander and its Divine Medicinal Experiments

Both green coriander leaves and seeds increase the taste of food. It is one of the spices used in the kitchen. By adding cumin seeds, mint juice, lemon juice etc. in green coriander, making it tasty, the disinfection stops. It looks hungry and digestive action (food to digest food) gets intensified.

Color: The coriander leaves are green and the grain is brown.

Nature: It is of cold nature.

Removal of defects: honey is used to destroy the harmful effects of coriander.

Quantity: 9 to 10 grams

Properties of Coriander:

  • By consuming green coriander leaves in a vegetable, it consumes blood disorders.
  • It looks hungry and the digestive process (food digestion) gets brighter.
  • This makes the mind happy,
  • Green coriander is very effective for eyes.
  • Benefits in coriander, vata, gall and cough disorders.
  • It develops semen and digestive power.
  • Reduces the heat of the brain,
  • Profitable for insanity,
  • Metal eliminates seminal defects,
  • Sleep more,
  • There is no grain in the mouth due to rubbing with it.
  • Urine comes to the urine by eating it.
  • Asthma, coriander is very beneficial in cough.
  • It destroys the body's weakness and also removes intestinal insects.

Treatment of various diseases with coriander: Dhaniya ke Ayurvedic Gharelu Nuskhe

1. Headache:

  • Grind coriander and chop the head on the forehead and eliminate headaches due to bile (heat).
  • Take coriander and amla in equal quantity soak it at night while sleeping and filtering in the morning and adding sugar mixed in it helps to cure headache.
  • Grind green or raw coriander and apply it on the head after removing headache.
  • Finely grind coriander, sandal and rose flowers in the pain of head due to bile or heat, and mixing them in Isabgol with thickness eliminates headache.
  • After making a decoction with 1 teaspoon coriander, 5 whole black pepper, 4 leaves of basil and two cloves, it removes headache due to winter and cold due to cold.
  • Grind 10 grams of dry coriander, grind 5 grams powder of gooseberry and 4 cloves and lick it with rock salt or heat on the forehead, removing headache due to heat.

2. Bursting of the lips:

  • Coriander, tar, ocher, wax, ghee and rock salt in equal quantity by grinding and filtration, the torn lips gets cured.

3. Burning in the legs:

  • Grind dry coriander and sugar candy in equal quantity. Then taking 2 spoons of water twice a day with cold water, it removes the burning of the hands and feet.

4. Emerge weakness:

  • Boil 125 grams coriander in 500 grams of water, and when the water remains in quantity of one fourth, filter it and add 125 grams of sugar mixed in it, after dissolving it till it thickens, lactation of 10 grams daily will reduce the weakness of the brain And wisdom develops.
  • Sour the juice of coriander in the head, the memory gets accelerated.

5. Pediatrics:

  • Mix Coriander, Ates, Kakadasingi and Gazpipal and make powder by mixing it with honey and choking after the diarrhea (diarrhea) and vomiting (vomiting) diseases of the children.
  • If the baby's navel has gone down, grinding green coriander is beneficial.
  • Mix coriander, laddra, Indrajo, Amla, Sugandhwala and Narmmotha and mix them together in honey and after feeding the children, the fever ends.

6. Swelling of the throat:

  • Grinding of coriander seeds in the condition of swelling of the throat, adding rose water to it and applying it like a sandal to the throat, swelling of the throat is removed.

7. Throat pain:

  • After every 3-3 hours, after drinking 2 teaspoons of dried whole coriander, chewing and chewing, every pain of the throat is removed.
  • Ask the patient to chew or suck after mixing dry coriander with sugar candy. It cures throat pain.
  • 154. Pitta Disease (heat disorders): Make a powder by grinding roughly 3 grams of whole dry coriander, then mix it with cold water and sugar candy and drink it in the summer days and get relief from bile due to diseases. is.

8. Body irritation:

  • Sprinkle 4 teaspoons of coriander and so much rice in the night. Heat them in the morning and drink the coriander in the night and in the morning, add sugar candy after grinding and fry it. It destroys the heat and stomach burns of the body.
  • Give the coriander water in the night and after dip in the morning, filter it and add a sugar candy and drink it. It removes the body heat and stomach irritation.

9. Burning in Urine:

  • If there is a burning sensation in the thirst, stomach, body or urine, then soak 15 grams coriander overnight. In the morning, grind it like a cold and add sugar candy. This use makes the heart beat faster. After soaking in coriander and amla at night, drinking the juice of urine gets rid of urine.

10. Insomnia:

  • Grinding green coriander with sugar and water and feeding the patient brings good headache as well as having a headache.

11. Monthly religions:

  • Put 20 grams of coriander in 200 grams of water and boil it after remaining 50 grams of water, filter it and add the sugar candy in it and take it out of the patient. Through this experiment, more blood flow to menstrual period.
  • Take 10 grams of dry coriander and boil it in about 200 grams of water. When it is in quantity of one fourth, then filter it and add sugar (sugar) to it and mix it with hot hot water 3-4 times in the morning, it reduces the frequency of menstrual cycle.

12. Dreaming:

  • Grind coriander and mix it with cold water by taking it with cold water, it is beneficial in dreamy dosage, urine, gonorrhea and syphilis. People who want to work more, do not sweat them. They can grind 2 grams of dry coriander and add water to drink for a few days or dry coriander Grind and filter. Mix equal quantity of sugar in it. In the morning, the empty stomach breaks out the amount of 1 teaspoon of water from the stale water and after 1 hour do not eat anything. It gets rid of nightmares.
  • Grind dry coriander and sugar candy in equal quantity and make the powder and keep it in a capsule vessel. By taking 5-6 grams of this powder, fresh water for a few days in the morning and evening, it is possible to get rid of untreated semen and dream disorders.

13. Huffiness:

  • Eating green coriander leaves the aroma in the mouth. Chewing green coriander after eating onions, garlic, etc., after eating things that are odor, mouth stomach gets stuck.
  • Eating green coriander ends the stomach of the mouth and smells of the mouth.

14. Rheumatoid arthritis (bloody diarrhea):

  • Grind 15 grams coriander and mix 12 grams of sugar candy in it and dissolve it in water and stop bleeding in the stool.

15. Drying immediately after eating:

  • Mixing black salt in the coriander after filling one tablespoon after meals stops diarrhea after eating after eating it.

16. Vomiting (vomiting):

  • When vomiting, dry or green coriander, grind it and squeeze its water and drink 5 spoons of water repeatedly and vomit. This experiment also closes the vomiting of the pregnant woman.
  • Mixing half a teaspoon green coriander juice, pinch-filled rock salt and drinking one teaspoon of lemon juice of 1 teaspoon is beneficial in the disease of vomiting.
  • Grind green coriander and squeeze it, taking out its juice and drinking about 33 grams of juice from the juice, the vomiting stops. Feeding it several times continuously, the vomiting of the pregnant woman is also closed.
  • Boil the coriander in water and mix sugar candy in it and stop drinking it vomiting.
  • Make chutney by mixing green coriander and rock salt in the pudding. Mixing lemon juice in this sauce does not come in vomiting.
  • Grind 3 grams coriander and 3 grams fennel and filter it. Mix it with 250 grams of water and add sugar in it and take 2-3 times to stop vomiting.
  • By mixing green coriander and mint, making it a chutney stops vomiting.

17. Lu:

  • By avoiding hot air (lu) in summer season, it is beneficial to consume sugar by mixing sugar in coriander water.
  • Grinding coriander in water and mixing it in sugar candy can be removed from the lunched Lu.
  • Mixing coriander, bafsa, macro, moth and fennel in equal quantity, make a decoction and heal the disease of healing.

18. Headache due to heat:

  • Soak 10 grams of dry coriander, 5 grams of dry gram flour, and soak it in a pot of soil during the night. In the morning, mix it with sugar candy and drink it. This causes headaches to stop due to heat.
  • If there is headache due to cold, then dry ghee should be grinded with dry leaves, tea leaves, basil leaves. Then add some water to it and make a paste. This coating should be heated in a spoon. Applying this hot coating on the forehead causes headache pain.
  • If the headache is caused due to heat, it should not be dried in the coating, make coriander and basil paste and apply on the forehead. In a while the pain is removed. If this action does not lead to headache then it should be understood that pain is not normal. In such a situation, we should consult with good doctors.
  • Due to the vomiting of headache, vomiting, and pregnant, boil coriander and add sugar candy. It provides relief.

19. Brain weakness:

  • Grind 125 grams coriander and boil in 500 ml water. When this fourth is left remaining, filter it and add 125 grams sugar candy and heat it again. When it gets thicker it takes it off. By consuming it daily, the diseases coming from the weakness of the brain, dark and cold etc., all diseases disappear.

20. Hemorrhoids (nasal bleeding):

  • Smell the green coriander juice and grind the green coriander leaves and apply it on the head, due to heat, the blood flowing from the nose stops or soaked on coriander night. Grind the coriander in the morning and mix the sugar candy and get relief from it.
  • Nasalization (nasal bleeding) is stopped by smelling green coriander juice on the nose due to heat and by grinding its leaves and putting them on the head.
  • Grind 10 grams coriander, 75 grams fennel, 100 grams of sugar, and gram of 8-10 black pepper with water, add syrup. Drinking this sherbat daily in the morning and evening provides relief in nasal bleeding (nasal bleeding).
  • Soak 5 grams of dry coriander, 5 grams of Gorakhmundi flowers and 8 Munkak and soak it in 125 grams of water for 3 hours. Due to drinking water in the morning and drinking it, the disease of hemorrhoid (nasal bleeding) gets cured.
  • Drink 2 teaspoons coriander seeds, a little raisin and a little sugar candy in water and drink it by drinking it helps to relieve nose (bleeding from the nose).

21. Gas:

  • Boil 2 teaspoons of dry coriander in 1 glass of water and filter it by drinking it 3 times and removes stomach gas.
  • Mix black salt in green coriander sauce, consuming stomach gas.
  • Boil 2 teaspoons of dried beans in 1 glass of water. Then by filtering this water, the gas stomach ends.

22. Disappointment:

  • Mixing coriander, small cardamom and black pepper in equal quantity and mixing it with fourth spoon of ghee and sugar, it becomes distorted to eat (not to eat food).

23. Not to be hungry:

  • If hunger is less then drinking 30 ml coriander juice daily starts appetizing.

24. Indigestion:

  • If the food is not digested, then it is necessary to go to the toilet immediately after grinding it with 60 gm dry coriander, 25-25 grams of black pepper and salt and taking half a teaspoon of fresh water after meals benefits.

25. Killer piles:

  • Boil 4 teaspoons coriander with 250 grams milk and fry it after mixing mixed sugar candy and mixing it with sugar or sugar candy and drinking coriander juice removes blood piles.

26. Illuminating:

  • Grind green coriander with rice and make eye shine faster by removing eyesight weakness.
  • Eating by making green coriander and Triphala chutney makes eyesight faster.

27. Mouth ulcers:

  • Mixing fine powder of coriander, mixing it with borax or eating soda, it helps to get rid of the mouth ulcers and saliva also fits well.
  • Chewing the leaves of green coriander leaves blisters of the mouth are destroyed.
  • Dry cucumber and mulberry both boil in water and rinse with it.

28. To remove heat:

  • Keep about 200 grains of coriander soak for about 4 hours in 1 glass water and then filter it by adding a pinch of salt to the water, it will continue to reduce thirst throughout the summer season. This water is very useful in relieving thirst and relieving thirst.

29. Afaara (stomach inflorescence):

  • Coffea is very beneficial in Afra. For this, boil 50 grams of coriander in 2 liters. After this, cool the boiled water and fill it in 1 bottle. Scrub the coriander's decoction. This water should take 3-4 times a day. If the water is sweet, then when you drink a cup, you add a little bit of kalammak in it. This increases the taste and black salt will benefit the body. Wash hands and mouth with coriander water too. This eliminates the odor of perspiration for a long time.

30. Constipation:

  • Coriander also helps in breaking the constipation. Coriander powder also removes old constipation from the old. For this, grinding 50 grams of coriander, 10 grams of dry ginger, 2 pinch black salt and 3 grams of herd should be filtered and filtered in cloth. After taking this powder in a small amount of food, take it with lukewarm water. It destroys constipation and the stool also appears to be open. It also reduces stomachache and also reduces the intestinal pleasure. This leads to hunger freezing. Conflict ends. If there is old constipation then this powder should be taken for 40 consecutive days. This powder can be taken even when there is no constipation. There is no possibility of any kind of harm from this.
  • Soak 20 grams coriander and 20 grams of sanay in 250 ml water at night. After filtering it in the morning, add sugar mixed in it and it stops constipation.

31. False sore throat:

  • It is not a disease, but if continuous sour ducks start to come, then the patient starts feeling restless and he gets nervous soon. There is irritation in the stomach and the tongue starts drying. The dryness is removed by frequent drying and due to the gas the heat starts to feel warm. Chest pain, acidity and sweet pain seem to occur. In this case, digestive drug works. For this, add a little mint and a little dry coriander, large cardamom, oregano and black salt, or make chapati or make powder, then take it after 2 hours with hot water. Dakara will stop in a while. If the dakarer is sour or acid, then the coriander seeds should be thrown in the mouth of the foil and let the juice of 4 grains and 10 grains be thrown under the throat. This stops coming back for a while and the patient gets peace.

32. Blood disorder:

  • Disease or defect in the blood is due to many reasons like consuming more of the salt, taking more of the sour items, eating stale food. Blood malfunction can lead to heart and spleen disease. In this condition the patient's mind does not seem to be involved in any work. He keeps on slowing down all the time. Sometimes the boils also come out in the body. In such a situation, the patient should first refrain from eating sour sweet and rich things. Eat vegetables like roti, dalis, tomai, gourd, tindda, paral etc. and take fresh water. The quantity of salt should be reduced in all foods. After this, 4 pieces of blanket are neem, 4 black peppers, and 5 grams of coriander. This powder should be taken 3 times a day with water. This eliminates the malfunction of the blood gradually. A few days when pure blood flows in the body, then the patient is rested on its own.


  • There is a sense of humor when roaming in excessive heat in the body or when sweating dies. Even in the hot summer, working in the sun, there are ghumrias. The emergence of small grains on the body is the giggles. If the hoarseness is in the body itching and it starts to prick like thorns. Wearing clothes does not look good. This is a simple treatment for this. In the water of the water, soak 50 grams of coriander water. After about 5 hours, this water should be filtered and put in a place where it is hot. If a small towel is soaked in this water and kept on the cavalier, it is very relaxing. Gumors are destroyed by this procedure for two days in the morning and evening. In addition, you should drink coriander in lemon juice and drink it. Keep in mind that the amount of salt in the body starts decreasing due to hoaxes. Therefore, salt should be consumed. If salt and oregano are mixed in the bread, they get a lot of benefit.

34. Bleeding on the tongue:

  • When the heat exacerbates within the stomach increases, the blisters on the upper layer of the tongue emerge. This happens in that condition. When we consume more food items. Hot foods include potatoes, chaats, pakodas and ginger, sour sweet things, tur or lentil dal, millet flour. Sometimes the body is unable to digest food properly. Then indigestion in the intestines is produced. If we keep stool and urine for some reason. The stool starts to rot and the decomposition begins in the intestines. For all these reasons, the tongue is prone to blisters. These barks have unbearable pain such as hurting thorns. Salt, pepper and spices etc. are very painful. It becomes difficult to eat. In ordinary language, it is called mouth attack. For this coriander mixture is a very beneficial treatment. Grind 50 grams of coriander and must be cooked in mustard oil. Then it is necessary to apply this oil on the tongue by filtering it in cotton cloth. Immediately after opening it, it is necessary to open the mouth and seep in the salivary groove. Performing this action four times a day provides relief in the bark.

35. Nail-acne:

  • The nail-acne emerges according to age. These are more due to the heat inside the body. Occasionally they are also loved. Therefore, the acne should not be broken down. Otherwise the fear of becoming a stain on the mouth remains. Make a coating for this. Some ginger juice, little juice of cucumber and coriander water should be mixed in it. Then wash the mouth with clean water after 2 hours. This stops the removal of nail-acne.

36. Inflammation in the body:

  • Swelling in the body occurs either by producing blood disorders or by intestinal malfunction. Sometimes there is a slowing down in blood formation, then in such a condition the first face is swollen. Then gradually the swelling of the whole body is attacked. In such a condition the patient should not panic. For this, injections are made to clean strength and blood, but our counsel can also help. We should take 50 grams of coriander powder. Do not mix salt properly. The powders should be cooked at the top by making them cooked. If papaya is not available, then apple, chikoo or any other fruit can be given. Coriander cleans the blood and the fruit juice improves the digestive tract and flows the blood in the correct form. Slowly the swelling of the body decreases and the patient becomes as healthy as before. Caution: Remember that do not eat hot and cold items. Eat salt at least, tea should be taken very light.

37. Fatigue and rupture of the body:

  • We all know that fatigue is due to excessive work. Occasionally, it is possible to break the body by staying in more winter or summer, sleeping on the ground, or sleeping in the same place. For this, add 100 grams coriander, 2 teaspoons of salt and 4 teaspoon bitter oil in a bucket of water and dip it in the hot water, which covers the lower limbs of the body. Tiredness and tornado are both removed in a while. Due to stretching of the nerves, swelling of the muscles and causing acid in the joints, there is a complaint of fatigue and body breakdown. The patient gets a lot of benefit from relaxation. Do not sleep in a strong wind or otherwise there may be more damage. The body also gets reduced to cover the body by covering the sheet and breaking the body.

38. Complaint about not having sleep:

  • Complaining of sleep is constantly due to some thinking, mental unrest, stomach constipation, excessive exhaustion, abnormal disease etc. Some people take sleeping pills in this condition. It should never be done because sleeping in the beginning actually comes. But a few days after sleeping pills the mind becomes comfortable. So they stop their influence. Then the man falls into more trouble. For this, the quantity of salt should be reduced in pulse and vegetables etc. If you have constipation, you should take light meal, it should be removed. Things to eat tasty and fragrant foods should be left. Do not eat spicy masala etc. Grind 25 grains of coriander, 1 red cardamom, 2 black peppers and make powder. Then take two picks of this powder and take warm water from above. In the soles of the feet, the country ghee or mustard oil should be fried. This reduces the stress and becomes sleepy.

39. More perspiration:

  • When the body gets more sweated by sweating, then it should be understood that there is a malfunction in the liver. It decreases appetite. The body gets loosened (loose) after sweating. It does not feel like working. The hands and feet are flowering. The patient starts experiencing panic. The food becomes disturbed. The tongue becomes dry and bitter. Therefore, the person should take 5 grains of coriander with papaya. Taking ginger and honey together leads to hunger. Mix ginger juice with honey juice and lick it with finger. The more salivary the mouth gets, the greater the thickness of the stomach will decrease. Reducing the quantity of salt reduces the complaint of excess sweating.
  • Take 2 grams of roasted coriander with water three times a day, it reduces sweating.

40. Light trip of madness:

  • Whenever the inner heat exits on the brain, a light attack of madness starts to fall. The person is not conscious what he is doing. Vomiting directly from his mouth goes out. Consciousness starts becoming impaired. In such a situation, coriander should lick with honey. There should not be such things in front of the patient. He should be giving them the impression that whatever he is saying is right.
  • Due to the amount of 20 grams of 10 grams of coriander powder in the morning and evening, the insanity due to intercourse is cured.

41. Hemorrhoids:

  • Hemorrhoids are of two types Plaintiffs and other blood piles. Blood is found in the bloody piles of mice. But in spite of the inside of the anus, the moth comes out, it is itching. These moles sting like thorns. Hemorrhoids often cause constipation. This is a very serious disease. There are various ways to avoid this. Like food should be taken intoxicant, not allowed constipation in the stomach to avoid excessive eating or eating after sexual intercourse. Do not eat fodder things such as guava, Bhindi, arui, eggplant, urad, arhar dal and more fatty foods. Do not forget using rice and eggplant because these two food items are very harmful to plaintiffs and hemorrhoids. For its treatment, the cottage, 100 grams of coriander, 10 drops of kerosene oil, root of Satyanashi plant, grind all these ingredients and filtration and mix them in Vaseline. By applying this ointment in the anus, the piles of the piles are cured. If blood gets released then it will also be closed.
  • Mix sugar candy in the cauldron with a mixture of 2-3 times a day, the piles of the piles are cured.
  • Take 1 teaspoon juice of green coriander and add a little sugar candy in it and drink it daily in the morning.
  • Make powder by mixing coriander with sugar candy. Add 1 teaspoonful of powder in 1 cup of hot water and drink it daily twice a day, irritation of the blood and blood piles are cured.
  • Mixing dry coriander with milk and sugar candy, it is better to eat blood piles.

42. Come back to the yagna all the time:

  • If we are sitting in front of some people and at that time yawning has to be repeated repeatedly, then it seems very bad. Its coming is also a disease. It keeps the body in the pain of idleness. It does not feel like working. If you have to work then the mind gets bored soon. Due to either fatigue in the body, or because sleep does not come properly For this, coriander powder should be taken with hot water. If this disease has become cure then 20 grains of coriander should be boiled in one liter of water and wash it with this water, the yawn and will automatically stop.

43. Protecting eyes:

  • Keeping the juice of green coriander leaves in the eyes 3-4 times daily keeps their heat cool and helps in diseases such as burning irritation, mist, redness, pain etc.

44. Coriander makes pulses and vegetables delicious:

  • The greens in which the coriander is used with spices. The greens and tastes delicious. His frivolous appearance disappears. The taste increases in the food. By using it, the bad elements of the vegetable are destroyed automatically when the greens and the vegetables are formed properly and then the stomach fire gets calmer. Humans use it with interest, which inadvertently works as a drug. If we stop using coriander in greens, then day and night will remove from the sky and soon we will be surrounded by some disease.

45. Gum bleeding:

  • If gums are bleeding, then the coriander should be boiled in water and gradually sliced ​​with that water. If there is more weakness in the body, then the cloth should be stored in coriander water and placed in a bleeding place. This stops bleeding from blood.

46. ​​Injury in the head:

  • If there is a loss in the head, then put coriander in the mustard oil and soak it in the oil and soak it in the oiled area. Coriander panels can also be kept in place of injury.

47. Falling blue (blue):

  • Blue stains cause the blood to accumulate in the body. This happens due to frequent falls, injury, beatings, etc. Staying at that place causes pain and tissue. The patient is not comfortable in any condition. In such condition 10 grams of coriander, 5 grams turmeric, 2 pints of garlic and guar leaf - these four things should be well cooked in mustard oil. Then filter the oil and fill it in a clean vial. Putting this oil on cotton wool and putting the bandage on the injured place, it brings relief in injury.

48. Sprain of spontaneity:

  • Sprain occurs due to falling feet in high lying areas or lifting more luggage than power. At that time the nerves go awry. There is a kind of stretch in it. This causes great pain to the patient. It does not make any difference. In such condition 10 grams of coriander seeds, 5 grams turmeric and 5 gram cumin seeds should be well cooked in the spleen oil. Slow massage at a spaced place for a while, gives benefits.

49. Sting or hitting:

  • Sting, scorpion, barr, bee, etc. can happen to anyone. For this, the sting should be first removed from the needle or tweezers. After this, grinding green coriander should be bandaged in the place of the sting. In 20 minutes the sting of the stomach starts to get poisoned and the patient gets rest. Rubbing in dry coriander water in a stinging place reduces the effect of poison.

50. On the bite of dog:

  • At the bitten area of ​​the dog, make a little coriander, 2 pinch soda, 2 pinches turmeric and 2 buds of garlic, and make them bundles. Even if the wound is deeper then the injection should also be applied.

51. Dizziness:

  • Mixing amla and green coriander juice in water stops coming out of the dizziness.

52. Increase of thyroid gland:

  • Increase thyroid gland, if the action is high or low, then 5 teaspoons of dried whole coriander in a glass of water, boil it fast and filter it daily in the morning and evening.

53. Eyes:

  • Prepare a decoction of coriander and thoroughly filter it. Now, putting this decoction in the eyes by pouring it in the eyes every 2-3 hours brings relief in the eyes. Before starting this decoction, put a drop of powdered oil (castor oil) in the eyes. It is a very beneficial drug for eye irritation and eye pain.

54. Night blind (not visible at night):

  • By feeding green coriander in vegetables, the disease of redundant (not visible at night) is reduced by feeding the children.
  • Night blindness (not visible in the night) is eliminated from eating green chutney leaves with a little more quantity of food daily. This chutney can also be eaten by mixing in pulses, curry, greens and vegetables.

55. Flat of children:

  • 1 to 4 drop of coriander oil with sugar candy gives relief from the stomach gas of the children.

56. On the arrival of Dakar:

  • Drinking coriander and balsam in water prevents them from drinking.

57. Diarrhea:

  • Grind green coriander, dried coriander, crushed and roasted cumin seeds, and grind them to stop diarrhea.
  • Mix a bit of black salt in the dry powder of the dry coriander, then the diarrhea stops after eating this powder after consuming one spoonful of amounts.
  • By adding coriander and black salt, make powder by eating it after eating it after taking it in the morning and evening, it is beneficial in the disease of squalor.
  • Green coriander, black salt, pepper to make chutney and make the patient get relief in diarrhea.
  • Take 1 teaspoon of coriander and bring it with water and stop stopping of squads.
  • Cook the coriander and make a decoction and add mixed sugar in it and stop it from taking diarrhea.
  • After eating food after mixing coriander and black salt, drinking it with cold water in the form of 1 teaspoon, stomach mixed with sticks (a type of white greasy substance that exits through stool) and stops irritation.

58. In the vomiting of pregnant woman:

  • After boiling 20 grams coriander in 200 millimeter water and one fourth of it juice remains in it, filter it by adding sugar in it twice a day, the vomiting of the pregnant woman is stopped.
  • When the pregnant woman gets vomit, mixing one part of coriander and 2 part sugar candy with about 1 teaspoon of rice water brings plenty of benefits. It can be given up to 3-4 times in a day for more grief. Chewing gum in some of the dry coriander, the nausea of ​​the pregnancy (ji-milling) is closed.
  • Grind 25 grams of dry coriander and mix it with 25 grams of sugar. It consumes about 5 to 5 grams of water in the morning and evening and the vomiting of the pregnant woman is stopped.

59. Histiology:

  • Make powder by grinding 10 grams coriander, 10 grams fennel, 5 grams black salt, 5 grams salt, 10 granules, black peppers together. When it comes to hiccup it is beneficial in hiccup by consuming it with 2 pinches of honey.

60. Stuttering, stirring:

  • Grind the pulp of mushrooms and green coriander and rinse for 21 consecutive days. This makes the tongue slim and the pains disappear.

61. Urology:

  • Soak 10-15 gm coriander in the water at 250 mm water. Grind coriander in the morning by squeezing it in the same water and filter it, and mixing rhythmic candy or white honey daily gives relief in urinary disease. Mixing green amla juice in that water cures irritation of urine in the urine.
  • Mix sugar in 2 teaspoons juice of green coriander leaves and drink it improves urine burn.
  • Mix 10 grams coriander with water in the night, mix and mix it together, mixing of urine removes irritation.

62. Monthly-related troubles:

  • About 20-25 gms of coriander seeds boil in water. When half a cup of water is left out, then by filtering it, mixing jaggery in it gives relief from menstrual problems.

63. Wound:

  • The wound gets better by wounding the wound by adding coriander powder to the wound, whether it is fresh or old, no matter how poisonous it is.

64. Coming of diarrhea and diarrhea with diarrhea:

  • In the removal of 20 grams of coriander and dry ginger, mixing 1 gram of Arad root powder and feeding the patient twice a day stops frying in the stool.
  • Make powder by mixing coriander and sugar candy in equal quantity. Dissolve this powder by mixing it in 1-2 teaspoons of water and it provides relief to the dysentery patients.
  • Make powder of coriander, pea bark, indraja, balgiri, fennel and cumin. Drinking 3 grams of this powder removes the disease of dysentery.

65. Agreed (malfunction of Hajma):

  • Make powder by grinding 50 grams coriander, 10 grams black salt, 20 grams black pepper and 10 grams fennel grinded. After eating food, take half a teaspoonful of powders in the morning and evening with water, it exhaustion of digestion (food discharge) disease is eliminated.
  • After grinding 60 grams of dry coriander, 25 grams of black pepper and 25 grams of salt, after eating and eating half a teaspoon daily, it is beneficial to take the pancreatic (non-food intake).
  • Prepare the decoction by taking equal quantity of coriander and ginger. By taking this remedies morning and evening, the digestive power (the process of food digestion) gets brighter.
  • Drink 2 teaspoon coriander seeds and sugar candy and cook it with decoction and drink it by getting relief in the disease of pancreatic (not digestion).

66. Keep the powder of liver, mandragani:

  • Coriander, dry and black salt and take it three times a day. From this, madagani (indigestion) gets cured and the liver's strength, strength and hunger also appear frankly.

67. White dander:

  • Coriander is tropical sedation (restlessness of mind). Therefore, taking of ice (cold poison) in the form of propagation or infusion, white tenderness is eroded.

68. Acid:

  • Make powder by grinding 2 teaspoon dried coriander, 1 teaspoon dry, half teaspoon cumin and 4 cloves grind, and then make a powder by mixing it with a little sugar candy, giving it to the patient three times a day as the dose increases the stomach acid But, relief in chest, eye irritation, idleness, irritability and breathlessness etc.
  • Grind green coriander in water and mix some quantity of black salt in it and drink acetic acid.
  • Put coriander, amla, nagarmatha in equal amount, and after 2 hours, add sugar and lemon juice mixed in it after taking it, it provides relief in acidity.

69. Thirst for excess:

  • Mix green coriander and dry amla and make chutney. Eating this chutney daily helps to remove the throat swelling and excess of thirst.

70. Heart Disease:

  • Make powder by adding equal quantity of coriander, sauce, small cardamom seeds. After taking 3 to 3 grams of food twice a day, it cures heartache.
  • Put 6 grams coriander and 10 grams of raisins for the night to be burnt in water. Drink it and grind it in the morning and drink it. It has great benefit in heartbeat.
  • Grind 25 or 25 grams of dry coriander and fennel by taking 5 grams of water in the water and resting in pain of heart.
  • Grind 25-25 gms of fennel and dry coriander and filter it in 50 grams of sugar. After 5-5 grams of water, after taking food both the time is removed from the heart.

71. Burning with fire:

  • If any part of the body is burnt with fire, then it should be done with great patience. First of all, that part should be washed with water or should be kept in water for some time. Doing this reduces irritation and relaxes too. If nothing, then the cloth should be kept on the burned portion by water. It burns on a kind of ointment. After this, home remedies should be done. For this, 50 grains coriander, one taco kapoor, a little spherical oil should be made into a spoon or stir it in a vessel, and then it should be applied on burnt organs several times a day. Within a few days the wounds of the burn will start to heal and the stains will not be able to.

72. Cutting:

  • Knife, scissors, knife etc. can cut any part of the body at any time with any weapon. Therefore, the blood of that place should be stopped first of all. For this, the place should be tightly pressed, then after soaking the cold water, soak the cloth and put it in that place. After this, after grinding 10 grams of coriander, grinded gram finely and mixed with ghee should be applied. In a few days the wounding or the chopped place will begin to be added. Author Manisha Dubey JhaDear Reader, My name is Manisha Dubey Jha. I have been blogging for 3 years and through the Fast I have been giving important educational content as far as possible to the reader. Hope you like everyone, please share your classmate too. As a literature person, I am very passionate about reading and participating in my thoughts on paper. So what is better than adopting writing as a profession? With over three years of experience in the given area, I am making an online reputation for my clients. If any mistakes or wrong in the article, please suggest us @ [email protected]

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